Many dogs and other pets suffer from spinal problems. They can experience some form of vertebral problems throughout their lives. There are many reasons for these spinal column problems -- hits, falls and pressure are a few. Regardless of the original cause, the vertebrae often become damaged and the muscles, ligaments and tendons can become weakened or torn. Abnormal joint usage can result from these problems; and increased calcium deposits can build up, along with other mineral deposits. These conditions can lead to serious problems such as arthritis or even paralysis.

Chiropractic therapy can offer a solution to these problems. It’s a method often used by holistic vets to cure the pain and irritation experienced by pets suffering from spinal difficulties. Not only does chiropractic therapy help the animal heal physically, but it can work on other levels as well, working to restore imbalanced energy levels caused by disease. Holistic vets may try to stimulate the energy production from the energy line that follows the line of the spinal column, which starts from the head and goes all the way to the end of the spinal column. Extensions of the energy line flow down through the legs and into the toes of the animal. When the energy flow is interrupted by physical ailments, such as spinal difficulties, more problems usually follow.

Chiropractic Therapy for Dogs

Dogs are often the patients seen most often in chiropractic therapy because many dogs have a damaged first vertebra -- the vertebra situated first near the neck. The reason is simple: misuse of collars and leashes. Their owners, using leashes, often pull dogs and the dogs also put pressure on themselves by pulling and tugging on the leash. This repeated physical force can gradually pull the vertebral out of place, thus disturbing the energy flow. Leash jerks or sideways jumps that the dog can make are the most dangerous, as they can do severe damage to the spinal column. Leashes attached to collars are the biggest cause of such injuries. This has led more and more pet owners to discover that it is better to attach the leash to a harness than to a collar. While slight damage of one vertebra doesn't seem very dangerous, you should realize that all vertebrae are connected. In a wave like motion, an action affecting one vertebra will affect all of them.

Physical Damage Cured by Chiropractic Treatments

Neck and cervical area nerves make connections between the brain and all other body parts. Their role is critical and damaging them can have serious consequences to the pet's health. The spinal nerves affect other areas directly, such as the thyroid gland and the throat. As we go down the spine, we come to the chest nerves found on the spinal column. They also affect vital organs, such as the heart and the lungs. Damaged nerves in this area can lead to circulation problems. Further down we will find the lumbar nerve endings, which are mainly responsible for the health of the digestive organs, such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys and stomach. Severe problems can result when nerves are damaged in this area. The sciatic nerve is formed by more spinal nerves that come together and enervate the hind legs. Holistic vets have to deal with sciatic nerve problems with some dog breeds and with victims of accidents, especially car-related accidents, when the pet's hind legs are damaged. When the sciatic nerve is damaged, the pet will suffer from various degrees of motor system problems and will also have sensory difficulties.

Chiropractic Care

If your pet has severe health problems, immediately see a veterinarian. Many holistic vets are skilled in chiropractic therapy and will know how to address your pet's illness or injury. The vet may also advise you to purchase a healing halter, which will often work very well in reversing physical damage done to the vertebrae. The halter comes with clear instructions on how it should be used and it might produce visible results within days of using it.

Different vitamin supplements can also speed up the healing process. Holistic vets usually successfully treat muscle spasms and energy blockages, but make sure to provide the veterinarian with as much information as you can on the pet's overall life.

Chiropractic Treatments for Individual Health Problems

There are multiple pet health problems that can be treated with chiropractic care. These include, but are not limited to: arthritis, hip dysplasia, calcium deposits, back pain,and joint pain. Homeopathic treatments should also be combined with the vet's advice when calcium deposits are signaled with joint problems. Arthritis is treated in the same way. Hip dysplasia problems are often linked to interruptions in the energy flow and the misalignment of vertebrae. The animal suffering from hip dysplasia will often turn and rotate, because of the pain, further increasing the displacement of the vertebrae. Chiropractic therapy, combined with acupressure massages, can reduce the negative effects of such problems. Other holistic treatment methods, when recommended, can be combined with chiropractic healing to produce the most successful healing response.

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