When most people visit a chiropractor it is usually because they are having back pain that is interfering with their lives; they cannot play with their children, participate in sports or perform their hobbies. They visit the chiropractor a couple of times and when they are feeling better they just stop going until the next time they have a flare up. With regular chiropractic adjustments improvement in ones over all health can make back pain a thing of the past

The patient knows that the chiropractor told them about an innate intelligence and mentioned subluxation and they even agreed when the doctor explained that the body would require a few visits to heal itself completely. All the forms were noted and signed in agreement, that they would complete the necessary series of adjustments.

Why didn't they follow through, was it that they had only heard what they wanted to hear or because they just did not fully understand what had been said, or maybe it was a financial concern?

This article will try to explain how a chiropractor can help your well being and really improve your lifestyle.

Innate Intelligence: we never question the innate when we think of nature, animal instincts the changing of the seasons. How every spring the plants and trees just bounce back from a dormant existence to a great show of colour. Think also of the miracle of human life; from one single cell, we have the miracle of human birth. So why question an innate intelligence helping to heal the body

Subluxation: A Vertebral Subluxation usually referred to as a “subluxation” is when one or more of the bones in your vertebrae (spine) moves out of place creating pressure or irritation of the spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are located between each of the bones in your spine. Irritation or pressure on the nerves causes interference and malfunction with the signals travelling over those nerves. Your nervous system coordinates and controls all bodily functions. When one part of your body is not working properly it is usually because these signals are not able to function at one hundred percent. Subluxations cause a number of different changes at the same time; these changes occur not only in your spine but in your whole body. Chiropractors often refer to this subluxation as the “Vertebral Subluxation Complex”, also known as VSC this is when various things are happening inside your body at the same time.

There are five categories of components present in the VSC:

The osseous (bone) component (kinesiopathology) this is when the vertebrae are either out of position or undergoing physical changes such as degeneration, or are not moving properly.

The Nerve Component (neuropathology) is the malfunctioning of the nerve. Research has shown only a small amount of pressure on spinal nerves can have a profound impact on the function of the nerves.

The Muscle Component (myopathology) muscles help hold the vertebrae in place, and since nerves control the muscles themselves; muscles are an integral part of any VSC.

The Soft Tissue Component (histopathology) when there is a vertebra is out of place it puts pressure on nerves which results in changes, in the surrounding soft tissues, the tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and other tissues undergo changes. These changes can occur at the point of the VSC or far away at some end point of the affected nerves.

The Chemical Component (biochemical abnormalities) When all these components of the VSC are acting on your body, this causes to some degree a few chemical changes in the body. These chemical changes can be slight or massive depending on what parts of your body are affected by your subluxations.

For over one hundred years Chiropractors have known about the dangers of subluxations. Scientific evidence is only now showing the dangers of subluxations and the health benefits of correcting them. To be truly healthy, it is important that the nervous system be functioning free of interference.

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only professionals who go through years of training to be experts at correcting subluxations. This is done by a series of chiropractic adjustments, specifically designed to locate and correct the vertebral subluxation in the spine. They are trained to look for these changes, known as "components," which are all parts of the vertebral subluxation complex. They are trained in the detection, location, and correction of the subluxations. It is your Chiropractor goal is to allow your body to return itself to the highest level of health possible by correcting interference.

Financial concerns – the initial testing x-rays and scans can mean the initial visit will cost a little more than a normal adjustment, but the Canadian Government Legistration makes it necessary, it also gives the chiropractor the tools to make an accurate decision on the correct program for you.

After being on a scheduled program, you will find your whole body is feeling so much healthier and other symptoms from headaches, indigestion, colds and flu are significally reduced sometimes it will take only one visit every two or three weeks even once a month to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

We do not think about spending money on aspirin, creams, heath-related magazines and health clubs but a chiropractic lifestyle can also improve ones quality of life.

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Sylvia is a published poet, a co-author along with two Maximum Life Coaches, on a book about “Living with Chronic Illness,” has also written 29 aritcles as the feature writer on Chronic Illness for www.suite101.com/ and several articles for www.bellaonline.com
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At present Sylvia is a Chiropractic Assistant and has started writing articles on alternative health and lifestyle.

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