From birth, children naturally use the Law of Attraction. They want a bottle and it is given to them. They want to sleep and do so when they feel like it. As they get older, society takes away this natural inclination; both to want, and get what they want.

Does this mean if you want your child to live the Law of Attraction that you are compelled to give them everything they ask for ¯ including a later bedtime?

Absolutely not.

There are ways for parents to teach their children the myriad methods of the Law of Attraction without the distraction of a screaming tantrum. When they don’t get every new toy on the block, they must be reminded that even though you may have told them that they can have anything they want with LOA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Law of Attraction is merely a direct conduit to the nearest Toys ‘R Us.

Naturally, this can be confusing.

The principles of the Law of Attraction are fairly basic. Whatever one focuses and concentrates on for a period of time will attract back to that person directly from the Universe.

Whatever feelings for a particular subject that are emitted to the Universe will be sent back, promising situations that include more of the same feeling originally emitted.

This being the basis of the Law of Attraction, a child from a young age should be taught that feelings are very important when it comes to obtaining desires. If they are acting in a demanding fashion, they will begin to encounter demanding experiences. On the other hand, if they are kind and exhibit a sharing nature, they will encounter more kind and sharing experiences.

Many children are taught that daydreaming is wrong, when in fact daydreaming is a major form of focus for children. When a child is daydreaming, he or she is engaged in building the castles of their future. Go easy on a child that is daydreaming. When you find your child daydreaming during a time other pursuits are necessary, such as school or an appointment, pull them out of it easily and quietly. Commanding them to stop daydreaming and to ‘get back to work’ too abruptly cuts off their daydream when perhaps they are in the process of creating their desires. And remember: If you live a life of ease, calm, and kindness, your child will benefit greatly.


One would think that parents these days would teach their children kindness a just a natural extension of growing up. Regrettably, this doesn’t always happen.
Life is fast paced these days (but when wasn’t it?), and parents may forget that teaching a child kindness is just as important as teaching them the basics of addition and subtraction. Teaching your children how to respond to others and how to be grateful and joyous throughout the day will put them on a wonderful path toward learning about the Law of Attraction.

This suggests a great game one can play with children called The Thankful Game. We play this game at our seminars, as well as in the car with our children. The ‘rules’ are simply this: Each player announces what they are thankful for. No player can repeat a ‘Thankful’ that anyone else has said. If a ‘Thankful’ is repeated by a player, that player’s turn is over. The ‘winner’ is the player who is the last one standing without having repeated a thankful thought. The purpose of the game is to teach children to be thankful for everything ¯ both simple and wonderful ¯ that surrounds them in their world.

The game also inspires some wonderful feelings that, through the Law of Attraction, will bring more joy back to you and your children.

There will be a point in the game when you start to run out of thankful ideas. This is when you have to become more inventive and think of any little thing to be grateful for. Sometimes this part of the game becomes the gateway to silliness and mirth; one of the most wonderful feelings a child ¯ or anyone, for that matter ¯ can emit to the Universe. This also introduces the concept of finding even the smallest things to be grateful for, something that will help any child as they grow into adulthood.

For example, one day we had been playing The Thankful Game for over twenty minutes when our little eight year old daughter began running out of ideas. It was her turn and she blurted out, “I am thankful for the bird doo-doo on the window shield.” We all laughed and my husband asked how she could be grateful for bird splat. She answered matter-of-factly, “Because, Daddy, the bird doo-doo is on the car, and not on my head!”

Do your children ¯ and the world they inhabit ¯ a favor, and teach them the Law of Attraction. Teach them to be grateful, kind, and non judgmental toward others. And teach them to do the same in their own lives. Give them the best head start possible toward becoming a wonderful adult who appreciates and understands how to apply the Law of Attraction in daily life. Teach them now, and know forever that you have given them the best gift possible in the Universe; you will have given them the Universe itself.

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Beth and Lee McCain have been teaching and applying the Law of Attraction for over ten years. Their myriad of methods are simple and understandable to having what you desire through the Law of Attraction.
They live in beautiful scenic Oregon with their four children.