In this fast paced world, children are increasingly showing signs of suffering from stress. School tests, falling out with friends, arguments between parents, feeling overwhelmed by homework and being bullied or teased can all put great stress on your child as he learns how to deal with the outside world. Here are the most common signs of child stress. If your child suffers from one or more of the following on a regular basis, she may be stressed.

Sleeping problems Irritability Stomach aches Bed wetting Headaches Teeth grinding Inability to cope Overly fearful Weepy Feelings of rejection Cold hands Muscular pains Temper tantrums Depression Anxiety Nervousness Emotionally withdrawn Overly sensitive
If you suspect your child may be suffering from stress no matter how mild, it might be time to introduce some simple relaxation exercises into your morning and/or evening routine. These will not only be a great opportunity to spend quality time together, but you will be sowing seeds that your child will use in years to come. Your child will learn how to easily detect their stress symptoms and take action to alleviate these. You may like to try our suggested Stress Busters and Less Stress Exercises you alleviate your child's stress.

Stress Busters

Try not to over-extend your child with activities - allow for daydreaming and doodling within their weekly timetable Watch out for self put downs such as ' I'm no good at that ' ' I can't '. Make sure your child learns how to counteract such feelings with regular positive affirmations. Let your child grow up understanding that perfection is not the main goal in life. Encourage laughter and fun and freedom and let your child learn that making mistakes are all part of life’s fun.
Less Stress Exercises

Content Cats

Sit down with your hands and knees on the floor in a crawling position. Imagine you are a cat and your whole body feels soft and warm. Take in a deep breath and as you breathe out let relax your tummy and let it sink to the floor, while you stretch your head and bottom high into the air. Now stretch your back the other way. Lower your head and your bottom and raise back so you make an arch upwards. Enjoy this wonderful stretch in your back. Repeat this exercise slowly a few more times keeping your eyes closed and imagining you are a cat stretching in the sunshine. I am happy and content, I am happy and content...

Soft Sea Breathing

Imagine you are breathing in and out like the waves. Take in a deep soft breath and breathe out softly. Keep breathing in and out rhythmically like the tide.... coming in and going out... coming in and going out. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Repeat to yourself quietly, I am relaxed, I am relaxed.

Beautiful Balloon

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine that you are holding a big balloon. It is very light. It feels very smooth. The balloon is in your favourite colour. Now hold the bottom of your balloon, and feel the balloon gently rising into the sky. Each time you breathe in and out, you gently glide further and further into the warm summer sky. The deeper your breath is, the further you can travel. Enjoy this feeling of weightlessness. Enjoy the feeling of being completely free. Your body feels weightless and free and your mind feels totally free. Repeat to yourself quietly, I am light, I am ligh

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Marneta is founder of Relax Kids - UKs leading expert in children's relaxation. Marneta has written books and developed a range of CDs to help children relax. She is Editor or RELAX an online Magazine - She is also a trainer and runs courses throughout the UK