Finding cheap cruises during the winter months is not difficult for most however, it can still present a challenge for first time cruise shoppers.

In the USA, there is a trend developing where people are taking off during the festive season for a warmer climate and this trend hasn't gone unnoticed by cruise lines.

Destinations such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean are ideal during the winter months given the warm tropical climate and cruise lines are very accommodating when listing cruise specials.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has really come into it's own during the winter. Freestyle cruising is a term not familiar with most travelers however, it's quickly catching on. Freestyle cruising is basically as the term suggests - freestyle.

Norwegian offers it's passengers the option of dining when they want to; there are no fixed dining times, whether they want to dress up or not and when they want to play. There has been many an argument between couples about whether the suit should stay home or taken on a cruise just for the captain's dinner.

With freestyle cruising, the idea is to give the passenger every opportunity to relax. Even disembarkation day is catered for as people are given the option of waiting in their cabins.

Shopping now for holidays in January and beyond makes plenty of sense. January is the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere but in the Caribbean, it's a different story. Five night cruises from less than $300 are a little difficult to resist. Nine day trips start at less than $700.

One of the keys to finding cheap cruises is to be flexible. If you are able to take off at a minute's notice then cheap cruises are virtually available all the time. However, flexibility also means being available to board a ship in a month's time.

For first time cruisers, winter is an ideal opportunity to experience the excitement of cruising. The attraction of cheap cruises at this time of the year enables people to get a taste of what it's all about without burning holes in their pockets.

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