For many who are happily married, they never think about the day... one day maybe not as far off as they have thought in the past... when they will again be single.

What will they do, how will they adjust, who will be there to help them and how will they get over or thru it? These are all questions they will have to face as they adjust to the difference they will experience and how their lives will change. Sometimes in a moment as death takes their mate, other times over months as illness or problems in the marriage begin to slowly take their mate from them.

Either way, it is not an easy task or experience to face and one that they will often feel very alone as they try to adjust and make changes so they can go on with life. it will be one in which they may try counseling, go to the friends they had when married, maybe to a single friend who has already experienced the Big D of death or divorce.

One thing is certain, life does go on if they will let it and when they are ready to face being single and finding new friends for friendships that can relate or and help them, they will begin the process of fellowship and soon dating relationships. And this can be quite difficult if it has been many years since they dated, as life has also changed during this period, just as they have.

They will need to learn how to be friends to strangers or new individuals, many who will have been single for a long time and others who are like them, newly single again. But in most cases it will be the fellowship of another who has been thru some type of similar experience and has an idea of what it's like being single all over again.

At Christian Singles Introductions we help singles make the big adjustment an our is one way to start.

We will show them that they are not alone, that there are a lot of others who are just as lonely, also looking for new friends and fellowship but afraid of the fact that they will have to start dating all over again, in a new age and with different standards and practices than before.

But, it can be done and with the help of counseling, single friends and sites like there are some answers, some new friends waiting to meet them and a New Life waiting... they just have to have the courage to step into the world of online Christian Singles Introductions.

Watch for more articles about the Risks of Dating, Fear of Being Alone, How To Find A New Start In A New Age, etc. coming to this site very soon. And for your own questions on dating, write for a Second Opinion.

Author's Bio: 

Bob Chauncey is now President of Christian Singles Introductions, Inc. and previously President of Equally Yoked of VA, with over 12 years of singles experience after a marriage of 22 years. He has assisted singles in finding and meeting new friends for fellowship and dating relationships for seven years, having been part of over 264 members marrying in the last six years. All of this coming after a career as a Divorce Investigator, never thinking that the Big D of divorce would one day affect himself. He told others for years that he knew what they were going thru, only to awake and find that he did not.