By now a blind man with a stick can see it, the world as we know it is changing. Yet there are still those who believe that the worst of the stock market crash is over. However, when you look at the fundamentals there is little evidence to support this view other than wishful thinking.

Of course most of us hate change and the associated chaos. Who wants to live with the uncertainty when the turmoil that always accompanies change is already wreaking havoc with your routine and stretches your mental resources to the limit.

Change means having to give up things. Well, we are not very good at that either. It is a well known fact that we will even suffer unpalatable situations rather than entertain change. We stay in relationships which are unsatisfactory because we believe it is better to be with the devil you know than the devil you don't know. We put up with bad jobs from a need of security and we stay in investments for years instead of getting out on the top in the vain hope that things always come back.

Wake up my friends, this time is different. The reason I can say this with such certainty is because of years of studying human and economic cycles. If we forget fundamentals for a moment and just look at universal laws in operation you will simply have to accept the fact that change is in essence a universal law and it unfolds in cycles.

Your reality as you see it is basically an illusion, because nothing you perceive ever stands still.Contrary to what you feel comfortable with, the essence of life force is change. In fact the moment change stops and movement stops you are dead. The universe literally switches on and off all the time. We just do not see the off and only see the on of this constant exchange and this gives us the illusion of solid objects which stand still, just as we believe that life can carry on in our preferred ways.

This giant illusion has let to the belief that we can have infinite economic growth and that we are able to print money indefinitely, borrow forever or whatever else it may be that helps us to maintain the status quo of our illusory existence.

Larger and smaller degree cycles unfold as part of the wider universal forces and there is precious little you and I can do to stop this evolutionary process which is natural and an intrinsic part of our existence.

So, how can you make these unpalatable changes easier on yourself? As always, it begins with your inner state. If your mental state is in harmony with your environment you will be able to adjust to outside turmoil with relative ease and allow yourself to go with the flow instead of resisting it.

Fear of course is the biggest challenge everyone of us will have to face at some point and to some degree. How you deal with fear and how you experience it depends on your conditioning and any unresolved past life trauma. The recent economic turmoil has surfaced many unresolved old fears in many people.

This is only natural and since the cracks in the system became glaringly obvious, literally over night, there was no time to adjust. Many had to cope with shock in addition to the fears and anxiety surfacing. If you recognise yourself here you should begin right now clearing your energy channels and the neuro connections which are creating stress responses at a time when you need relaxation and calm above all in order to function properly and do the right things to ensure a secure future.

The biggest favour you can do yourself right now is to examine your old beliefs for their truth and validity in your life today. You will find that probably over 50% of them are useless now and unlearning them as quickly as you dare to would be your best option to safeguard your future.

A major cycle is coming to an end. This massive paradigm shift is not only affecting the financial system, we are experiencing a shift of consciousness which will lead to a much improved system in time. Major changes like this do not happen over night, but the more cognisant you can be of what goes on around you the easier you will find it to weather the storms and come out on top.

Don't stand still, expand your self awareness and clear your stuff. The message is really very simple, yet taking action seems difficult for most as it is much easier to come up with new ideas than letting go of old stuff. Don't follow the heard, allow change, it's good, go first!

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and author specialising in trading psychology and manifestation techniques.

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