You can want to change, consciously, and give it your best try. It can be very difficult if deep inside, you really don’t have the desire. For example, quitting smoking has been known to be the hardest thing a person can ever do. But we all know someone who did it, cold turkey, without looking back or going through the agony that most people do when the ‘try’ to stop smoking.

Here’s the difference between that successful person and most others: They made up their mind, totally. We all know that this is a true characteristic of the human mind and how powerful it is. In practice, however, it is not so easy to make up your mind about some particular habit or change. We have to pound the new behavior into our heads relentlessly sometimes. When we simply do not believe a thing, it’s not going to happen.

The way to change your mind about something is to visualize the new behavior, replacing old mental images with new, positive ones that become more and more attractive as time passes. Then, and only then, can you pull the trigger and switch over to the new condition! Being better at something, quitting a habit or eliminating a fear or phobia can really happen when we are totally decided that it can be so.

Consciously choosing a role model helps greatly. You can envision your own version of that successful, happy person with some effort; no it’s not easy, but again, nothing worth achieving is ever easy. If you’re having trouble with a behavior (or the lack of one), there will be a personal stretch involved. Just keep the goal in mind along with that visual, mental image of yourself in the new desirable condition.

Remember, others have done it, and so can you! Whatever it is! Yes, even if you’re deep in a hole you can get out of it and keep rising. This has been proven by thousands like yourself. You just have to decide to change and take on the new identity that you envision. “Just Do It” is a successful slogan of the Nike corporation for good reason. It means what it says, it is simple and true. Just do it. And don’t forget to do it. Don’t fall back into old habits and behaviors because of old thoughts. Make those old thoughts remind you of your new vision.

It is not a shame to use tools to achieve your goals, either; whatever it takes to reach your dream, it’s worth it, right? Because in the end, you did it. You beat the system, you rose above whatever was holding you back and you became the winner. Countless others have done it and now it’s your turn! Whatever tool you can use to change your mind, totally and decisively, it is more than worth it. It is essential.

All of us have something we can change, and why not do it? Because it might be uncomfortable? Guess what? Nobody is always comfortable; discomfort is a normal part of life; and finally, get over it! Is a little discomfort worth ultimate success? Of course! So make up your mind, totally, to perform that change you always wanted- and then you can be proud of your accomplishment, even if all it took was dealing with some discomfort.

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