Can - I know I can. Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t you are right. Always believe you can no matter what others believe. If Hoomancan than everyone can.

Challenges - are opportunities to make yourself better. Challenge a challenge with the best of your game. When John F. Kennedy said, “ We must not do things because they are easy, but we must do things because they are hard.” This challenge was issued to the nation when he wanted to take us to the moon. When these heros they sometimes called astronauts, stretched their abilities to do the unbelievable, they showed us that the true human potential is only as good as the imagination. They believed it, they achieved it. These astronauts were unbelievable and so are you. Step up to the challenge, and make it happen. You are a go getter, so go get it now.

Commitment - Commitments are a beautiful part of your daily life. Yet it is up to us to keep our commitments beautiful. When you make a commitment to your loved ones, keep it. When you make a commitment in the business world, keep it. When you make a commitment to yourself, keep it. Never let your commitments down.

Competition - Competition is healthy for you to get better. Always challenge better competition because they will bring out the best. Your learning curve will be much faster as well. The best compete against history and their own high expectations when they have beat all of their competitors. Look at Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods as perfect examples.

Concentration - Make sure your concentration is always on the task at hand. When doing anything in life, it is so easy to get distracted, but those of us who can concentrate with our undivided attention will always make things easier for ourselves.

Confidence - Confidence is a state of trust with your abilities. I always was confident in myself, knowing that I would either win or learn, because I didn’t believe in failure.

Conviction - My conviction is my strongest commitment to my beliefs. Conviction is the state of being convinced.

Constant and Never Ending Improvement - What is your commitment to canei? You must always strive to be better by the day. Win or learn, there is no failure.

Courage - Courage is your ability to conquer fear. Control your fears and turn them into the power to overcome. Courage is something you must have in your life.

Achievements are not accidents. They are the results of your efforts. Don’t hold anything back. Make sure you lay it on the line each and every day. That way you know you gave it your very all. Make sure you get these straight C’s on your next report card.

Hooman Hamzehloui 2009

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