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Certified Coaches Federation is conducting a 2-day life coach training and certification course for professionals who are ready to transition into a new career, or just want to add a new management tool to their already successful business. The week-end class will be held in Newport Beach, California on July 28th and 29th at the Radisson Hotel. For admission to the course contact Barbara Wainwright, President and Master Coach at (800)506-9479 or register online at

The interactive week-end training is jam-packed with tools and techniques to become a great coach. As a student of the course you can expect to learn an overview of what coaching is all about, gain experience as a coach and a client, a recommended business model for coaching, as well as techniques to market and promote your business.

On Saturday, an overview of the basics of Neuro-linguistic Programming trains coaches to quickly and easily develop rapport with their client. By Saturday afternoon, students are ready to conduct their first coaching session. Saturday evening, the students complete their homework which is due on Sunday morning. Sunday, students are prepared to conduct a second and third coaching appointment. Sunday afternoon is spent discussing the many different ways to market and promote your coaching business, followed by the certification test.

At the completion of the course, each student has a clearly defined view of their own goals and objectives for the next 12 months as well as their certification. In addition to the course, students have the opportunity for on-going continuing education units through CCF tele-classes and seminars.

Students from many different professions have been trained: doctors, lawyers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, corporate managers, corporate facilitators, corporate trainers, business owners, yoga instructors, massage therapists, nurse practitioners, real estate agents, holistic practitioners, travel agents, astrologers, sports coaches, authors, certified financial planners, science of mind practitioners, salespersons, organizational consultants, venture capitalists, teachers, nutritionists, project managers, professors and even active coaches who desired the certification.

"Teaching this course is so rewarding. I am enjoying the different personalities and diverse backgrounds of the professionals that come to take our course. In addition to learning powerful tools to assist in the transformation of their clients, the course is experiential and affords individuals a powerful, transformative weekend. I often get calls about a month following the course, from students that have had a break-through of some kind since taking our course. How wonderful is that? I love teaching this course! I get to watch people transform right before my very eyes."

CCF's course has been very well received by students and they are quickly becoming the fastest growing coaching organization worldwide.

"The CCF training was awesome! I have learned how to take my skills to the next level. I have been looking for this kind of training for many years now. CCF has provided an excellent model, concise and precise to assess my skills and help me make the leap. I would recommend this training to everyone who cares about their direction and their progress in life." - Alex Ureche, Program Manager, Computer Sciences Corporation, Redondo Beach, CA

"I have coached with many very successful individuals, receiving pearls of wisdom, however after taking the CCF course I was in awe at what I learned. This program is definitely unique. I was amazed at, not only the training the coach receives, but the gift of what we have to give back to the client, THE SCRIPT. I am very impressed and excited to begin working with others. I feel what we have to offer will advance clients very quickly in reaching their goals. Once they tell others....I only hope we can keep up with the demands of success, a great problem to have! I commend you Derrick Sweet!" - Lynne Budde, Buffalo, New York

Barbara Wainwright is the president of Certified Coaches Federation worldwide, and is a master coach. She has been teaching this course since November of 2006.

Certified Coaches Federation is based out of Toronto, Canada and is a division of Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation, a privately owned training & development company.

For more information or to register for a course, see or call Barbara Wainwright at (800)506-9479.

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Barbara Wainwright is the president of Certified Coaches Federation worldwide, and is a master coach. She has been teaching this course since November of 2006.