This past weekend I was asked to speak on “Success” and immediately, my mind went to “S U C C E S S… that’s the way we spell Success!” Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school, in case you hadn’t already guessed it. I was right back in 11th grade with that inner mantra playing in my mind. I had to laugh how back then it was about winning a football game. Today, it’s about living a winning life.

Our topic of discussion was, “How do you define success?” To me success isn’t about accumulation of money, things or accomplishments. It’s about being happy. Success is doing what you love and loving what you do. It’s not defined by wealth, or status, unless that’s what you love.

It’s not keeping up with someone else’s definition of success either, for success is a uniquely personal word that has a different definition for everyone. My definition and yours will never be the same. What may be defined as success for me could be failure for you and vice versa. Part of the beauty of life is that we don’t all want the same things.

To me the bottom line is this- to be successful is to live a fulfilled life each day by treasuring our successful moments. Success isn’t an end goal or a place where you arrive. It’s not about “becoming successful”. Life is much more enjoyable if you eliminate the pressure of “being successful” and look for successful moments to celebrate each day. Success is about living life in this very moment. It’s an attitude about life itself. It’s about celebrating the little successes along the way that together form a beautiful life.

My life has had several of those WOW! moments of success. Taking our 18-mile scroll filled with love and support to Iraq was one of those moments. Having Willie Nelson record Crazy on my daughter Carly’s debut CD was a night I won’t easily forget. Receiving a check for $200,000 profit on a real estate deal captures my attention. Getting married to the love of my life is a day I still replay in my mind and in my heart. So many memories with my children also define success. Having the courage to follow the dream and found is success. Taking the first step in a new vision, or following that inner voice each day- that’s success. And these individual threads of successful moments weave the tapestry of a very rich life.

For me, I’ve found that successful moments come from implementation of successful practices. If I can remember these few things, my life rocks…

- Start and end each day with gratitude.
- Follow your bliss and your passion.
- Dream BIG!
- Surround yourself with excellence
- Ask for help when you need it
- Focus on the goal not the problem
- Let your faith be bigger than your fear
- Never give up- you only lose when you quit
- If it’s not fun, don’t do it.
- Don’t worry, be happy.

So ask yourself, “Where have I already been successful today?” There’s always something to celebrate no matter where you are in life- even if it’s only having the desire to grow by reading this post. Recognize and celebrate your moments of success!

Be grateful for where you are and know that even on days when all indication point otherwise, everything is perfect. You’re only seeing a piece of the puzzle. Celebrate the small successes along the way and they will multiply. And most importantly, don’t give up, for in this game called life, you can only lose if you quit. Cheers to your success!

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