Tis’ the season… Are you celebrating your gifts as a high caliber leader? Certainly each day has been a gift, right? Ok, so now let’s get real. We’re coming to the end of another year and you’re almost ready to look back at all your goals and accomplishments. That’s good and important…key to creating an extraordinary 2009.

Beyond what you’ve done, which is very important, have you acknowledged who you’ve become as a result of this year’s activities, challenges and issues. You’ve had to be a far more strategic thinker, strong communicator and even learning to dance backwards to the music. (Recall how Ginger Rogers had to follow Fred Astaire backwards and in heels no less!) Well, I’m not saying that you did quite the same thing, but I’m sure at some points it actually felt like it. You’ve also faced growing markets in this truly global economy, changing demographics, perhaps leading a global team or more diverse workforce. Phew! Lots of change, growth and perspiration, I’m sure.

I would argue that any leader who has come to this point given this tumultuous year and; continues to get a sense of joy and purpose in leading others is truly a High Caliber leader. You have likely developed more skill and confidence in the last 6 – 8 months than in the last 2-3 years! I’m equally as sure that you haven’t taken stock of your own personal development and growth as an executive and leader. You evolve as a leader with each experience and you use that growth to lead larger projects, drive innovations and attract and retain high performing team members.

It’s certainly important to acknowledge the close of the year and accomplishing your objectives. But it’s equally, if not more important to celebrate your new skills, talents and your higher caliber leadership as a result. Congratulations!

Your key strategy:

In your notebook or online document make note the new approaches you’ve developed as a result of this year of challenge and growth. Where did you learn to shift or grow who you were, to become even more successful? This will be a good source of reference and support in 2009 when you need it!

Your challenge:

Identify a personal skill that has now become a strength for you. How could you deepen that skill and use it both personally and professionally to bring you more satisfaction and fulfillment in 2009.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Makell is the founder and President of High Caliber Leadership. She works with new leaders to successfully transition in their First 90 Days and beyond by co-developing the powerful Leader Transition System™ that accelerates their success. In partnership with corporations, she delivers unique and customized leader transition and development programs.

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