Occasional insomnia affects millions and millions of people every years. Out of this group, some people will develop a chronic insomnia that leads them to search for professional help.

The most common treatment for insomnia are the sleeping pills prescribed by doctors. But even doctors recognize that these pills merely cover over the symptoms of insomnia and do nothing to treat its causes.

If you want to get to the roots of sleeplessness, you have to understand what causes it in the first place and then take action to eliminate these causes.

Here are the 6 major causes of insomnia.

1. Painkillers – Insomnia can be caused by painkillers that contain caffeine. Examples include Exedrin and Anacin.

2. Smoking – Smokers are twice as likely to have difficulty falling asleep. This may be related to the stimulating effect of nicotine.

3. Poor Diet – People who eat a diet containing high amounts of fried foods and junk foods are more likely to experience insomnia. Also, eating a heavy meal less than 2 hours before bed often produces sleeplessness.

4. EMF Fields – Electromagnetic field energy from electronics, TVs, cell phones, computers and even you home’s electrical system can disrupt your sleep. I’ve had several clients who have cured their insomnia simply be moving all electronics out of their bedroom.

5. Lack of Sunlight – Sunlight regulates melatonin, a brain chemical that controls body temperature. Normal body temperature is related to good sleep. Without enough sunlight your body literally does not know when to shut down.

6. Stress, Anxiety and Worry – The number one cause of insomnia is entirely mental. People who worry or who are anxious are much more prone to develop sleeping disorders.

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