The camisole has been around for centuries. Originally, a camisole was worn to keep sweat away from clothing, and it was worn to add a clothing layer for warmth. It was generally made of muslin. Today, the camisole still serves those two purposes - but functional has turned into oh-so-much more.

In stores, you can find a stunning silk camisole, or ones made of cotton, nylon and blends that have Lycra in them. The designs have expanded so that you can find ones to fit and flatter most any body type.

More than that, though, camisoles and silk chemises can be extremely sexy. Many camisoles and chemises have adjustable narrow straps and built-in bras, also known as "shelves, for women whose busts need lift and shaping. The necklines can vary from V-neck to scoop so that camisoles are perfect under any type of clothing.

Camisoles can even be worn alone. When it comes to versatility, few undergarments can compare with this one. These days, you'll find many women wearing camisoles with no over-blouse, a fun, flirty look that can be traced to the hip-hop scene where you'll find some of the sexiest looks going. Pair a camisole with a pair of jeans and high heels and you're instantly wearing the hottest fashion.

Camisoles are also great when paired with sheer blouses for a truly hot look for a night out. For a while, contrasting colors for blouse and camisole where the hot trend. Now, though, the trend is for colors to match; white with white, black with black, for example.

Few forms of lingerie can make a woman feel sexier with such comfort. With a sexy, sheer camisole under an ordinary blouse or even sweatshirt, a woman feels more attractive. You can also find camisoles for hot lingerie in all sorts of prints and colors. With a little looking, you can find ones to fit every mood-as well as lift your mood. The Internet is a wonderful source for shopping for anything from modest silk chemises to naughty lingerie Be prepared to be wowed by the selection and the wide range of styles.

The fit of a camisole is very important, especially if you plan on wearing it alone. When wearing one under a blouse, it should be form-fitting. If you're going to wear it as a top, though, you may want the fit to be a bit looser and more relaxed. This can be hard to judge unless you try the garment on first, so know return policies of stores before purchasing. When making your purchase online, be sure that any site you decide to buy from has a return policy just in case the fit isn't exactly what you need it to be. As with any type of clothing, fit is everything when wearing a camisole-especially if you want to give someone other than yourself camisole fever.

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Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the erotic lingerie market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of women wearing silk chemises as if that needed much explaining!