Improve your cats health and well-being with wall mounted ramps, perches.

It’s a fact, cats like heights! Whether it's for better observation, dominance over other cats or to get away from stresses, we don't really know. If you’ve ever watched a cat you realize that there’s two places they want to be, perched high above or sitting on a window ledge.

With our unique ramps and perches you can make their favorite spots more comfortable and introduce new spots. A couple strategically placed ramps and your cats will visit and explore parts of your home unreachable before. In fact, three 'Kitty Ramps' and a 'Corner Perch' will transform your living room into a feline sanctuary.

The benefits don't stop there. Our ramps encourage natural exercise making your pets happier and healthier. "Exercise benefits felines with increased overall health, including a longer lifespan," says veterinarian Carol Tice, DVM of the Cat Clinic of Cary, North Carolina. "It relieves stress, reduces aggression and keeps cats alert. Exercise just makes cats feel better."

Our ramps also provide relief to cats after they've been de-clawed. Climbing comes second nature to cats but when a de-clawed cat tries to climb he slips, slides and tumbles down. He doesn't understand why he can't climb and this damages his mental well being. Our ramps and perches counter balance this disorder. De-clawed cats can easily grip the carpet and climb to their favorite spot, jump from ledge to ledge and act like a cat which restores confidence.

Is floor space limited at your house? Our ramps and perches take up no floor space unlike traditional cat trees that have massive bases and poles. Our ramps also have a beautiful pine finish. This keeps them looking new compared to traditional trees that are covered in carpet and show wear after little use.

You don't have to start big, you can purchase a ramp or two and grow from there.

Author's Bio: 

Blaine Lantz owns and operates Lantz Enterprises Inc. A manufacturer of unique pet products including In-Wall Aquariums and Cat Walks.