For far too long, we moderns have relied on our analytical/logical brain to make important life decisions. It is my belief that our imaginative/creative brain holds the key to better, smarter and more soulful decisions. This is because the right side of the brain, which loves creativity---taps into your intuitive nature. Take your career for instance. How could following your intuition make you more successful? Because you will be following your true internal compass---one that leads you to the best career and a more fulfilled life.

The word intuition means “in to you” in Latin. Florence Scovel, a theologian, once said, “Intuition is the spiritual faculty that doesn’t explain; it seemingly points the way.” It’s also been said that intuition is your divine Spirit talking to you. If we stop for a moment and acknowledge this, we realize the incredible perspective we have. Unfortunately, this is a perspective we often choose to ignore because it is an undeveloped skill. Using your intuition when making important decisions allows you to move along your career path easily and effortlessly. You don’t have to struggle and worry, because things fall naturally into place when you follow your inner nature. Developing your intuitive guidance (your inner voice) is essential to smart decision-making and career choices, and includes balancing your cognitive (thinking) abilities with your affective (feeling) abilities.

Synthesize information from your head and your heart, and bring them into your consciousness. You only have to learn how to develop these powers and I promise that it will become second nature to you. The first step is obviously to become aware that you contain this amazing power. But you must consciously choose to use it!

Next, you have to realize that when dealing with matters of work, there can be some discrepancies between what the mind thinks and what the heart feels. When we think about work, we focus on what we should do so that we can pay the bills, etc., which only takes into account the practical side. When we feel about work, we focus on what we want to do and consider the impractical, such as moving to a foreign country. We very rarely take the time to see how the two sides can meet and form a whole new possibility. When making a major life decision, such as, “What should I do as my life’s work?” it is pretty safe to say that our equilibrium is all out of whack. And we tend to do one of two things: We either throw out all rational behavior altogether or block any and all emotions from our consciousness. We need to learn to align these two extremes, balance them, and make decisions from a true state of knowing, which is our intuition. You can learn to take these two seemingly opposing faculties and fuse them to have singleness of purpose and direction.

The best way to do this is to be clear on what you are looking for from your career, so that you can then allow your intuitive nature to take over. The key is to believe that your higher self sees what is best for you. Indeed, Spirit is trying to send you messages, but you must learn to open up and receive the information in order for it to make a difference in your life. Once you have learned to have faith in this process, your heart and mind will function together for greater harmony than you ever dreamed possible.

By following your intuition, you become empowered. When you are empowered, you trust that you know the right thing to do—despite what other people might say. You look within yourself for direction.

Dis-empowered people look for answers outside of themselves. They turn to others to find the answers to their life, and thus become confused and often misguided. Confused people are easy to spot---they tend to change their minds almost on a daily basis. It stands to reason that if you are dis-empowered and confused, you will not be making decisions with clarity and focus.

If you are like most people, you prefer one faculty (thinking or feeling) over the other. People tend to use the one they are most comfortable with, but sometimes it is necessary to look at the situation through your “weaker” one.

You are Head Strong if you typically:
· Over-analyze people, things, and situations
· Consider the practical side of the issue
· Rationalize your behavior to yourself and to others
· Consider yourself first in situations
· Prefer thinking over feeling
· Ignore feelings contrary to your thinking when making decisions
· Hide your emotions
· Like to plan ahead
· Like to be in control
· Use the word NO a lot

You are Heart Strong if you typically:
· Are sensitive and emotional
· Consider the impractical side of the issue
· Feel things in the pit of your stomach
· Consider others first in situations
· Prefer feeling over thinking
· Ignore thoughts contrary to your feelings when making decisions
· Show your emotions
· Like to go with the flow
· Like to make others feel good
· Use the word YES a lot

Both are ways of “sensing,” but in order to be a more effective decision-maker, you need to use them in conjunction. On occasion, it may be more appropriate to listen with your heart, as it will provide the direction that you need to go. Other times, you may find that tapping into your head can save you from making “miss-takes” in your career. The key is to pick up on coincidences, signs, and other external messages by filtering them through both faculties to get the most accurate “reading.” The real secret to intuitive guidance is to let your inner soul be your guide.

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Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission. She is here to set souls free from their mind-made prisons so they can decide their destiny and reach their fullest human potential. Throughout her career, this powerhouse of personal transformation has been known as spiritual teacher, author, healer, Guru, Soul Coach, consciousness shifter, Lightworker, and “bright light.”

Her multimedia program, Soul Purpose Accelerator will walk you through the A6 Purpose Process. Bright Michelle recognizes there is a divine spark within every human being that longs to be fully ignited and expressed. Through her company, Everyday Enlightenment, she writes, teaches, coaches, and inspires people to co-create an amazing reality in both their life and business.

Through a revolutionary process called The Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed), she works with people in groups and individually to build a bridge to their inner self so they can tap into the wisdom of their own souls. Watch for her latest book, The Destiny Decision. Look for “Bright Michelle” on social media and say hello. Soul Purpose Training:

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