Money Magazine said that “A coach may be the guardian angel you need to rev up your career.” In fact, if you pick up any major newspaper or magazine, you are bound to come across a glowing article on coaching. It is one of the fastest growing careers, with an estimated 100,000 coaches in the United States. Because coaching is a relatively new profession, there are many people calling themselves “coaches”---unfortunately not all of whom are fully qualified. You should know that there is no required professional certification process, although it is coming in the near future.

When hiring a coach, it is essential that you know and trust your coach, as they are helping you craft your most important project---your life! The wonderful thing about coaching is that most coaches offer a complimentary sample session. This gives you the opportunity to see their style and find out if there is a match. To choose the best coach for you, ask them questions about their background, training, and any certifications. Most people simply choose someone based on the chemistry they feel after the session, so feel free to trust your instincts.

You may wonder how coaching is different from counseling. The two main differences is coaching tends to be a shorter-term relationship (lasting anywhere from a few months to a year), whereas counseling tends to be long-term. Also, coaching focuses on what is right in your life and what you would like to have more of. Coaching is very action-oriented and empowering. There isn’t a lot of room to waste time on “the story.” Coaching does not delve into the past, but rather looks towards the future and seeks to increase your effectiveness in your interpersonal relationships, career, finances, business, and health.

In the 21st century, coaching is no longer a luxury, but a necessity! All human beings have a natural instinct to grow and learn, and due to the increased interest in self-improvement, more people than ever want the extra support that a coach provides. Your coach is invested in your success and provides insight, structure, and encouragement for increased effectiveness and fast improvements. He serves as your partner, champion and cheerleader for your success and fulfillment. She works with you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Coaching facilitates self-discovery to empower you to create the life you desire and deserve. Coaching is based on learning, reflecting, and taking action. It is an interdependent relationship, with the coach playing many roles such as that of listener, questioner, and challenger.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Coach
When you know it is time for a change, it is time to hire a coach. A coach is professionally trained in human development, who forms powerful, insightful, and transformational relationships with his or her client. Through a process of discovery, life visioning, goal-setting, and strategizing, your coach partners with you to realize extraordinary results

1. You want to close the gap (more quickly and easily) between where you now and where you want to be in the future.
2. You have big dreams that scare you---and secretly would really like to live them out.
3. You want control over your own destiny.
4. Self-improvement is a passion and you are seeking a coach to help you with your personal growth.
5. You make good money, but have no free time or life balance.
6. You want to make a major life change, start a small business, organize your life, etc.
7. You want assistance with staying on track---setting goals, managing your time/resources, and living in alignment with your values.
8. You’ve got great potential, but want help tapping into your intuition and personal power.
9. You want to experience more inner peace and joy in your life.
10. You are in a state of transition (divorce, job change, relocation) and would like extra support and guidance.

Professional athletes and business executives stay at the top of their game with the help of a coach/mentor. For most of us, extra support can make all the difference in the world. Having a coach gives you the vehicle for accelerated accomplishment towards your goals. In this challenging world it is easy to get off track with what is most important to you. A coach keeps you focused, on purpose, and works with you to redefine goals and dreams. People dedicated to self-improvement work with different coaches throughout their lifetime and experience a higher level of living as a result. Depending on your need or challenge, you can find career coaches, relationship coaches, performance coaches, executive coaches, prosperity coaches, communication coaches, etc. Ask yourself: what life area would I like to change, improve or transform?

Life (or personal) coaching is an enlightening and empowering experience, and working with a professional coach can transform your life. There are a number of online resources to help you find just the right person.

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