Occasionally making improvements is easily achievable for most people. While continuous improvement is mostly unachievable; however, striving for it separates the winners from the losers. There are many areas in your life that may need improvement: career, relationships, learning, finances, emotional/mental, and spiritual. There are also hundreds of ways to improve your lot in life----you can be better, do something better, increase your awareness, learn something new, or create radical change.

There are basically two basic kinds of people: Dreamers and Doers. Dreamers dream about what they want. They can be all talk and no action. Doers go after what they want. They take action and rarely spend time just talking about it. Who do you think is more successful in life? The doers, of course. They come from a place of empowerment. Success to them is a mindset.

To become a doer, you have to first believe in yourself, even when no one else will. Successful people stand up to the question “Who do you think you are?” And they answer, “This is Who I Am.” They don’t let others try to take away their power or their dreams with negativity.
In order to be a success, you must think like, act like, and look a success as all times.

Successful people program themselves for success. Like Dennis Waitley said, “Since the mind is a specific biocomputer, it needs specific instructions and directions. The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.”

“Winners” make their success a priority and do “whatever it takes.” Because there are too many other things to distract you and pull you off track from pursuing your dreams, use defense-strategy tools—specific actions that will keep you on track, such as:

· writing your life vision and purpose statements (posting them where you can reflect on them)
· organizing your living/working space
· making to do lists
· setting smart goals
· taking action daily
· evaluating your progress and adjusting your course as needed
· using visualizations/affirmations
· celebrating your successes
· developing a support system
· hiring a life coach***

The good news is you don’t have to do it all alone! For most of us, extra support can make all the difference in the world. Having a coach gives you the vehicle for accelerated accomplishment towards your goals. In this challenging world it is easy to get off track with what is most important to you. A coach keeps you focused, on purpose, and works with you to redefine goals and dreams.
In the 21st century, coaching is no longer a luxury, but a necessity! People dedicated to self-improvement work with different coaches throughout their lifetime and experience a higher level of living as a result.

Coaching also creates a bridge that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Just as top athletes have coaches to bring out their best performance, coaching helps clients build on their own inner strengths. Your coach is invested in your success and provides insight, structure, and encouragement for increased effectiveness and fast improvements.

There are obvious benefits for becoming someone who is committed to lifelong improvement: you feel better about yourself, you are more willing to take risks and accept challenges, and you live at a higher wattage---you shine more brightly! It is in the reaching, that you find out who you really are and all that you are capable of. It is exciting because there is always something new you can be, do, have, and learn.

We are all works in progress, living examples of art. Continuous self- improvement keeps you turned on and tuned into life. And as a result, you evolve as a human being. You make a difference in the world by being the best You that you can be. Your best inspires others to be their best, and the very nature of humanity becomes improved.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission. She is here to set souls free from their mind-made prisons so they can decide their destiny and reach their fullest human potential. Throughout her career, this powerhouse of personal transformation has been known as spiritual teacher, author, healer, Guru, Soul Coach, consciousness shifter, Lightworker, and “bright light.”

Her multimedia program, Soul Purpose Accelerator will walk you through the A6 Purpose Process. Bright Michelle recognizes there is a divine spark within every human being that longs to be fully ignited and expressed. Through her company, Everyday Enlightenment, she writes, teaches, coaches, and inspires people to co-create an amazing reality in both their life and business.

Through a revolutionary process called The Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed), she works with people in groups and individually to build a bridge to their inner self so they can tap into the wisdom of their own souls. Watch for her latest book, The Destiny Decision. Look for “Bright Michelle” on social media and say hello. Soul Purpose Training: http://www.SoulPurposeAccelerator.com

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