-to keep what is given, you must be of service to others

Funny, I wrote a blog for today earlier, and for some reason, lost it within my computer! We are nearing the finish line in this review of the steps/footprints, and today I look at “the ask” that we carry the message. Before I go on, let me qualify!
The journal I do is my own take on things, is an open sharing of what is in my head at the time of writing, and is not intended to be a sharing by a guru, just a sharing by one of the “we”. A great benefit for me from this sharing is that I’ve had some insightful and thoughtful input/feedback and learned from the sharing of others. The feed back and honest sharing is appreciated, it is carrying the message!!
Since I have been in a position to carry the message, and that was really when I’d completed the steps/footprints to the best of my ability, I have tried to be a part of the “we” who are responsible for carrying the message. This is a form of “service” work within 12 step groups, and work that I am grateful to do. This area of my life is entirely on a give back basis, and I try, within my fellowship, to never say no to anything that is asked of me.
For years, and well before a spiritual awakening and the beginning of a recovery of life journey, I had the opportunity to help others in both the corporate and private arenas. That after corporate life I went into business consulting and NPO management services was not by chance. I love being a part of the success of others and cherish the successes people and projects I’ve had the opportunity to work with have had.
In life, not only was I blessed with a tremendous corporate career at a young age, but with a great family, good friends, consulting challenges, both private sector and NPO board experience, mentoring of people new to our country and many other opportunities. Many happened when I was active with addictions in my life.
I have always used coaches and mentors. The use of outside professionals has always been something I strongly believe in, and I have had the breakthroughs to validate internally my decisions to welcome outside help.
Many years ago, even with the apparent outside trappings of success, I knew I had to recover my life. I needed to live free from addictions and their effect, to regain my own internal self-esteem, to figure out my purpose in life. This journey has been possible because of the help of a great number of people, both “outside” professionals (including 2 coaches, doctor, psychiatrist and councilors) and within my fellowship, the help of many who were carrying their message of recovery. I am truly blessed these people came in to my life. I still use the services of a personal coach today, and have the benefit of an association with several highly skilled coaches. My “program” friends are an anchor.
I have, since the journey of life recovery began, had a message to carry about my own experiences and the transformation that happened in my life. After completing a treatment centre program, I wanted to go into “rehab” counseling and save the world. I was cautioned by many of the “professionals” I worked with that this was very common among those who have just “drunk the Kool-Aide” of recovery for the first time. It was suggested to see how long the thought lasted! I was told to reflect long and hard before acting on this thought.
During my recovery period, the thought never left me. I worked with a career coach, a real pro, about five years ago. Testing showed that my true calling was to be of service to others, and I found something that allowed me to service a community sector for a period of time. My desire to effect change outstripped the practical and I was given an opportunity to re-evaluate.
Through the help of “professionals”, going back to school, through prayer and meditation and other factors, I woke up to my life’s purpose, and have the joy of still being very active in volunteer “service” in my fellowship, but also, on a professional basis, coaching others both locally and globally on “life” issues, helping others to quantify and identify their own goals and dreams, and to use the gifts they have been given to achieve and find abundance and purpose in life. I continue to work with others in helping them find a life less impacted by addictions with a true spiritual base. I understand my life’s purpose.
Daily, both as a volunteer and through my professional practice, I get to carry the message to others. As it relates to people who have the same primary addiction I have, I do, in my own way, look for opportunities to be of service.
To all who are interested, I try to carry the message of the benefits of good mental hygiene, life abundance, spiritual awakening and releasing the power of “YOU” through coaching. I am thankful that I have been able to help clients.
I am blessed and grateful daily!
Are you carrying the message that you have? If you don’t use it, you can quickly lose it.

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