What beliefs are you holding, that are holding you back in your career sales training? Mr. and Mrs. Claus are found dead on the floor. They are found in a locked room. On the floor is broken glass and water. There is an open window and a table in the room. How did Mr. and Mrs. Claus die? What do Mr. and Mrs. Claus look like? Are you thinking Mr. and Mrs. Claus are rather round older folks with white hair wearing red velvet garments? That may be your belief based on your past knowledge and experience, but Mr. and Mrs. Claus are gold fish. The wind blowing through the open window knocked their fish bowl off the table onto the floor, breaking the bowl leaving glass water and Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the floor. What beliefs do you hold about sales that are keeping you from the sales success that is possible for you?

The whole point of career sales training is to help you to obtain improved results. Improved results require positive behavioral changes. There is something either you are doing now, or something you aren’t doing now that is preventing you from getting the sales success that you know is possible. You may be wondering if it’s possible for you. What are the things successful sales people do that you don’t, and what things don’t successful sales people do that you do? Make a list of these do’s and don’ts. How could you start doing the things that would increase your success and how could you stop doing the things that are decreasing your success?

What were the positive behavioral changes you identified as either dos or don’ts? Positive behavioral changes occur because of your attitudes, skills, and knowledge; and as a result of your ability to accomplish your goals. Do you have specific sales goals that you hold yourself accountable for on a weekly basis? You know successful sales people set weekly goals, and take the actions they need to make those goals a reality. Knowledge comes from knowing what to do, and skills come from knowing how to do what you need to do. Are you lacking knowledge or skills? If you are, reach out to those around you and get what you need. That information is readily available and accessible to you. Is it your attitudes that form as a result of your beliefs that are holding you back?

Your sales attitudes and beliefs developed over time, and you will need to make a concentrated effort to make changes to those long held attitudes and beliefs. Your attitudes and beliefs started when you were a little kid and the adults around you told you not to talk to strangers, and not to speak unless you are spoken to, and not to go where you aren’t wanted. Your beliefs are the engine that pulls your sales train down the track. Your sales will continue to suffer until you identify the beliefs you hold about sales that are holding you back, and make a determined effort to change those beliefs based on current facts.

Do you believe you can accomplish the sales you need to have a sustainable and viable business? A positive attitude is important in sales, but when you try to tell yourself things you don’t believe to be true, your inner voice calls you a liar and it’s actually more harmful than good. For example, let’s say that you are telling yourself every day that you are going to sell $X in revenue this week when it’s twice or three times more than you’ve ever sold in your life. When you don’t believe it to be true your inner voice says, “no you’re not, you’re a big liar”. You are out of integrity with yourself and your mind tends not to believe anything you say, and consequently you don’t hit your targets. Work on your beliefs first and then your attitudes.

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