Are you in a dead end job? Are you fed up with low pay and long hours? Are you bored and want to do something more interesting? Do you want to be the person telling others what to do rather than being the one taking orders?

You can make it happen! if you are determined enough.

Consider the two alternatives, which one works for you?

Version one:

Arrives late for work on a regular basis, usually chewing gum.

Look untidy, hair unkempt, nail varnish peeling and skirt very short.

Only smiles and laughs loudly with her mates.

Speaks to customers as little as possible.

When asked if there is a top in another size. Answers “I don’t know” or “if it isn’t there we haven’t got any”

Shows no interest on what needs to be done.

Makes excuses to skive off whenever possible.

Does just enough to get by.

Never takes the initiative.

Walks past difficulties, doesn’t see them or want to see them. A jar has broken leaving glass and jam all over the floor.

Is uncooperative or moody and sometimes both.

Constantly complains that things aren’t right, its not fair, out of order!

Job remains dead end, gives little and gets no job satisfaction in return.

Can’t wait to leave. What lies ahead….. another dead end job!

Boss sees no potential so takes little interest in her development.

The alternative:

Arrives on time, looking neat and tidy, ready for the days work.

Knows the company policies about dress code and behaviour and follows them.

Is always polite, friendly and professional.

Makes customers feel valued, is helpful and tries to sort out any problems.

“I’ll show you where they are” “ They are out of stock but I can order one for you”, "I’ll go and find out if we have any”

Is interested in how things operate. Asks relevant questions.

Takes on her fair share of the work, offers to help others when it is appropriate.

Takes pride in doing things well.

Anticipates things, takes appropriate action.

Thinks about health and safety so blocks off the area and clears it up or reports it to the appropriate person.

Comes across as pleasant and professional even when having personal problems.

If there is a problem, she goes to the right person, explains the difficulty and offers a suggestion about how the problem might be solved.

Goes to see the manager, expresses an interest in developing a career in the company. Asks for the opportunity for further training.

Takes every opportunity and makes the most of it.
Manager sees the potential invites her to join the trainee manager scheme.

Undertakes on the job training and rises through the ranks.

Manages her own store.

What do you want out of life?

Opportunities are what you make them. Whether you work in retail or in an office environment the principles are the same. You have to take responsibility for your present and your future. Think about how you behave and how others see you. If you don’t like your present job think about what you really want out of life. Start to live your potential future and others will begin to recognise that you have the potential to grow and develop. Luck is 90% preparation and 10% opportunity. Be ready for that opportunity when it comes.

What do you want out of life? Do you like what you do? Are you in a job which gives you little satisfaction or one which gets you leaping out of bed with enthusiasm in the morning?

Do you see yourself as a leader or one of the pack?

Compare two vastly differing approaches to work and their impact on the future. Ask yourself what impact is my approach to work going to have on my future?

Opportunities are what you make them. You have to take responsibility for your present and your future. Think about how you behave and how others see you.

If you don’t like your present job think about what you really want out of life. The choice if yours!

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Gina Gardiner is one of the UK's leading Leadership Coaches.
Gina supports people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills. Gina is the author of two books “Kick Start Your Career” and “How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively and is also a Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner and a qualified coach.
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