You’ve said it, I know you have. At one point or another you’ve looked at the results achieved by another sales person and you thought to yourself that person sure is lucky. Those who have tremendous success in their sales careers are never lucky. They’re never accidentally successful long-term. They’re always intentionally successful and you can be too.

What is luck anyway? By definition luck is good fortune that seems to happen by chance. Luck is really the recognition of an opportunity that you weren’t aware of before. You can move from being accidentally successful to being intentionally success if you just practice a few habits.

The first habit is the habit of always searching for opportunities. When something good happens to you that seems to have happened by chance realize there are many more opportunities waiting for you if you just start looking for them. Capitalize on the opportunity by identifying ways to expand on the opportunity. Capitalize on the opportunity by identifying ways to make this opportunity happen for you again and again. Most opportunities don’t need to be one-time events. Figure out what you would need to do to make this opportunity a regular event.

The second habit is the habit of developing a plan to turn one-time opportunities into frequent opportunities. This will require some research and work on your part, but that’s the name of the game for successful sales people. It takes hard work to make it easy to sell. Get to the root of how the opportunity came to be. Find out where there are more opportunities just like this, and how you can connect with those opportunities. When you get it figured out you have the opportunity to turn your plan into a system. And once you have a system you have the means to repeatedly get more business over time.

The third habit is the habit of working your plan. How many times have you developed a plan and when it got tough you threw the plan out? A lot of times right? If you have a plan for generating more great opportunities you don’t want to give up on your plan just because it’s hard. Make a commitment to consistently acting on your plan. Yes, there will be adaptations and corrections you’ll have to make along the way. Almost no one can develop a perfect plan for something they’ve never done before the first time. But if you want career sales success you’ll fine tune that plan so you have the means to consistently bring luck to you.

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