For 37 years as a board certified chiropractic doctor, traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist, I have taught natural healing techniques to patients to help them recover fully from major health challenges, including so-called “terminal” cancers.

I teach my patients a cancer natural remedy plan that can be followed in the privacy of their own homes, without interrupting any other kind of treatment they may be getting.

It works like this:

• The basic premise of natural healing is that the body knows how to heal itself and is constantly working towards better health and longevity.

• The quickest, surest route to wellness is for us to cooperate with the body’s natural self-healing methods.

• When the body encounters a health threat, it goes through four basic steps to counter it.

• Supporting the body through those four steps significantly accelerates the body’s drive to recovery and causes marked, rapid improvements in quality of life.

I have described a simple Four Step Plan on my web site that supports the four steps the body uses to get well. There is a link to it below. You’ll find all the information there that you need to be able to follow it on your own.

Once patients are working on these four basic steps – and it only takes a week to get started, and four weeks to complete the program - I recommend specific natural alternative cancer remedies – including an herbal remedy for lung cancer. You’ll find information about how to acquire and use them on my web site, at the link below.

They are:

• Methyl Jasmonate (using a Vick’s Steam Inhaler)
• Methyl Jasmonate and DMSO (applied directly to the skin)
• 714 X
• Sodium Bicarbonate

In some cases, you need to get them from Canada or Mexico as they are not yet available in the United States.

However, I have had patients fully recover just using the basic Four Step Natural Cure Plan. The additional, alternative remedies are not a substitute for it, but in many cases they can give it an important boost.

Natural healing is not oriented around disease. It focuses instead on building vitality and health and letting the body heal itself once it is given a chance. For the most part, it consists of stopping those things that cause illness (eating junk food, for instance) and starting those things that promote health (such as making sure we drink enough good water). Where there is a health emergency - and cancer is surely that! - we provide added boosters to the natural process of recovery. It’s not complicated. It's organized in easy-to-follow steps in my natural cure plan.

You’ll find all the information you need on my web site, and you can also contact me there with any questions you may have about my breast cancer natural treatment plan.

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Dr. James Chappell is known for his work with chronic, severe and supposedly terminally-ill people. His website provides clear self-help tools to enable people to improve their health using natural means:
Information about his Four Step Natural Cure Plan is here: