You’re itching to become a full-fledged entrepreneur. To start up the business you’ve always dreamed of. But your day job’s getting in the way.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone if you simply can’t drop your day job to start a biz of your own. Few can. But with a little time, and creativity, you can develop some simple changes most bosses would approve of. Freeing you move on to realizing your own goals.

Unless your boss will allow you to work less, or set up a more flexible schedule, your first strategy should be to Rethink Your Job.

This will take some time, but it’s worth it.

The best way to free up time: To reorganize your job. I know. It sounds time consuming. But is it worth is? Yes it is. And many before you and I have done the same thing. Think about it. If you make your job easier and more efficient it saves the company money and time. And every company loves that. Even better if you take the initiative and do it for them.

Start by deciding which tasks should be handed off to others or another department. Weed out duplicate work and work which should be handed back to a client. Determine which tasks can be more efficiently handled; and how to do it.

Next, decide how much time it takes to complete each task. And when the best time is to get each done. Don’t be stingy. Allow plenty of time to properly complete each task. Remember, to help yourself, you must help them first. And do it right.

At this point, you should know where time can be saved. Now you can begin deciding what your new schedule should be:

1. Can your reorganized job now be done in 4, 10 hour days?

2. Will this re-organization allow a shorter day? Say 4-5 hours of work earlier in the day? Or coming in later to work those 4-5 hours?

3. Have you reorganized well enough to work from home?

4. Can you effectively do the job on weekends - say Friday thru Sunday?

5. Can you job-share with someone?

6. Is it possible to work one week on and one week off? To work part time? Or on an as-needed basis?

7. Instead, do you know someone you can train to replace you?

A word about flexible working scenarios to give your boss. Use this info not only as a basis for working less, but to show how these changes can benefit the company.

New research shows flexible work schedules can work well for several reasons. Productivity is enhanced since employees are now eager to work. They bring fresh eyes and renewed energy levels. They’re able to remember more. Less likely to burn out.

When an employee can balance their home and work lives - scheduling their own work, creating their own hours - they get as much, if not more, done as working in the office. With more work independence, they have greater control over the amount and quality of work they do. Plus a better quality of life.

Once you’ve reorganized your job, and decided on a new schedule, present it to your boss.

Ask for an appointment. Tell her you’ve discovered a more efficient and effective way to do your job. Have 3 separate options ready. Type each on an 8x10 sheet of paper. Present them one at a time so she has a choice. Presenting the one you prefer most, last. Along with the benefits for each.

You should also have a plan for equipment needs. Think about how changing your schedule, or working at home, can incur risks. And have suggestions for positively dealing with them. State which company procedures you, personally, should follow if working at home. Also have a plan for scheduled calls for work updates. Or a set day on which you’ll visit the office to touch base and/or deliver completed work.

Have a well-thought out and organized plan. And it’s likely your boss will accept it.

Remember, your goal is to free up time to spend organizing and launching your new business. To do that, you must creatively re-work your current day-job schedule in a way which gets the job done effectively. And - you’ve saved your employers the time and stress of doing it themselves. Another point in your favor.

Any sensible boss has to say yes to such a great plan. Just be clear about the details and scheduling. Set it up. And you’re on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur with a new business of your own.

Author's Bio: 

Jean has 35 years experience in business, working for 4 top retail corporations. In Management and Sales, Training and Development. She’s helped launch and manage 7 multi-million dollar operations, developed and written training and policy manuals, created customer service programs still in use today. Over the last fifteen years, Jean has used that experience to organize, start up, and manage 8 businesses of her own. Through her Womens Marketing and Business Network she’s helped hundreds of women start up their own businesses. For your free “Women Start Up a Biz” Ezine and Bonus Report, visit: