Subliminal messages are information which is transmitted beyond the limits of human perception. Although you will not be aware of the message, it will be perceived on an unconscious level by your mind. This can be done through images, or through subliminal cds or mp3 albums.

The messages will be interpreted by your unconscious mind, and learning will occur in the same way your mind would process information you read in a book for instance.

Many people are skeptical about the potential of subliminal learning. The easiest way to explain how the phenomenon works is by comparing it to hypnosis. Hypnosis works by gaining access to the subconscious mind and making suggestions, to directly modify behavior.

This is highly effective as it bypasses the "critical function" of our minds. When we are children up until we are approximately 5 years old we don't have this critical function. This is why we will believe anything our parents tell us, we do not have the ability to critically challenge any information.

Hypnosis can change negative behavior or bad habits, and make positive changes to peoples lives by gaining access to the subconscious mind and bypassing this critical function.

Subliminal messaging is simply a "milder" form of hypnosis. You will not enter a deep trance listening to a subliminal mp3 album, but by playing the album each day your subconscious mind will be exposed to positive subliminal messages.

In this way you can modify behavior and make positive changes to your life without having to go into a deep trance like hypnosis state. However subliminal messages aren't for everyone. Just like hypnosis you have to want to make the changes - it is no use buying a stop smoking subliminal CD for someone who doesn't want it.

However if you do want to make changes in your life then subliminal messages will help align your unconscious mind with your conscious goals to make it much more likely that you succeed.

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