Speed reading is a skill that elevates the level of comprehension, understanding, absorption of material, and overall ease of scanning information that can affect a wide range of life factors. The skill of reading is one that encourages higher school marks, fosters a better-prepared employee, and catapults some into international fame. Each year, contestants gather for the World Championship Speed Reading Competition, which assesses comprehension as a vital part in the speed reading contest. Those who place rather high in the competition can scan about 1,000 to 2,000 words per minute, claiming around 50% comprehension.

There is often intrigue and interest associated with the world of speed reading, as it is quite exciting to meet someone who can read a great amount of books in one day or sift through a pile of papers in minutes. When people in positions of power or well-known candidates of success possess the gift of speed reading, the interest regarding the subject becomes an increasingly popular skill to acquire.

The Overall Benefits of Speed Reading

The techniques associated with speed reading are often used to bring about an array of various benefits that are used to the advantage of the learner. For some, the desire to browse large volumes of information with increased ease and speed is one of the main benefits one may seek. Some people are interested in learning how to read faster so they can absorb more knowledge into their short-term memory bank. Speed reading also allows the overall meaning and structure of information to become much easier to digest and view.

Additionally, when people engage in reading for longer periods of time, one increases their chances of becoming tired. With speed reading, eyes do less work, meaning the rate and amount of material an individual is able to absorb significantly increases.

Whether you wish to follow in the footsteps of real-life speed reading experts or desire to carve your own personal triumphs using a newly found skill, there are many different approaches to consider. Today, a wide-range of speed reading coaches and software titles on the market aim to improve overall reading skills through the techniques of easy-to-follow speed reading. Below you will find a few people who have used speed reading to their advantage when completing both everyday and career-related activities:

John F. Kennedy: The former President of the United States backed the tactics of speed reading and encouraged his staff to receive lessons.

Jimmy Carter: Another President of the United States, Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, both avidly read and enrolled in a speed-reading course while at the White House. Several other staff members also partook in the learning.

Howard Stephen Berg: With a claim to the title of fastest reader in the world, Berg is said to possess a reading rate of 25,000 words per minute. He exclaims to have read War and Peace in 15 minutes, meaning with each minute, he was able to devour 90 pages. This claim is slated as unsupported in official records. His controversy skills also bring up the issue that he may enter a trance-like state when reading.

Jacques Bergier: With a history of chemical engineering, journalism, writing, and espionage, Bergier wrote books on fantastic realism and accomplished many things in his life. As a natural speed reader, Bergier was known to read up to ten books in one day.

While your speed reading skills may not capture critical acclaim with the public, the talent is one that affects the overall efficiency of reading and comprehension that aids school, pleasure, and work endeavors.

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