You can run your entire life from a laptop. I do! And I did while I traveled around the world with my family. These days you have the entire world at your finger tips. All you need is some business skills, a computer and way to connect to the internet. That's it!

We live in a modern time where satellites, fiber optics, integrated circuit and other communication miracles means that you can be just about any place on Earth and talk to anyone at anytime. The computers, modems, telephones, and fax machines are not only inexpensive by any middle-class citizen; they are the solutions to eliminate your need to drive a hectic freeway every single day to get to a place of business far away from your home. Here in Silicon Valley, we have super commuters that travel 1 - 2 hours to work each way, every day!

With all these tools at your disposal, you should take inventory of your skills, state of the economy, trends and current opportunities and allow yourself to "think globally." Home based Personal Franchise businesses are becoming the norm. Many are leaving the W2 work place and replacing the income with Personal Franchises. Having your own Personal Franchise is allowing small home based business to compete with the big guys!

The goal of any businesses in this world is to look for profits and try to find every possible market for its products and services.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking about how going green has become a massive trend in society. And because of this trend, alternative energy and any other sectors considered green will move higher for years to come. The new super products won't come through traditional retail but through Personal Franchises. Today their are superior products in gasoline, vitamins, antioxidants, green cleaning products, boutique wines, health products and many others, all being released by the home business, personal franchise revolution.

To launch a constant marketing campaign that gets a considerable share of profits, first you must find out whether these markets have the capacity to buy your products/services, and determine whether there is plenty of money to be made in these markets.

You will have all of the advantages against your traditional competitors as a home based entrepreneur; you don't have to rent an office space, you don't have to buy tons of expensive equipment; you don't have any employees to pay salaries and fringe benefits for; you don't have to waste your time on meetings, employee problems, paid sick leave, etc.

The entire money that your competitors spend on their overhead; heating the office, paying rent, property tax or other monthly fees, you can be spending your funds on marketing the products and services all year long!

As the sole owner of a Personal Franchise you can be solving problems, moving product and be in a comfortable place where the traditional business is currently struggling to move on. Your overhead will allow the lowest possible operating cost and the greatest potential to concentrate your dollars on products/service expansion and product/service marketing.

As a result, a Personal Franchise is already achieved three of the most important goals of modern business success: cheap operating cost, easy access to a global market, and full advantage of telecommunications at your finger tips.

Keep in mind that learning to use a modern computer or building your own website is now easier than learning to drive a car, so basically, you have no excuse not to plunge into this wonderful business right now!

Author's Bio: 

He's been called "Mr. Solutions" and a "Visionary" by many of his friends and peers. A person who believes you can’t teach what you haven't done, Andrew Van Valer combines solid business skills with novel insights that often shake up the conventional way of thinking. He has the ability to take the complex and somehow make it simple to understand.

At a very young age, Andrew started his own business – based on a solid work ethic acquired from his parents. He was on the startup team of four disruptive technology companies purchased by Motorola, VeriSign or have gone public. . He held a number of positions in operations, strategic planning, finance and marketing. He has set up and managed businesses in five countries, and has been learning continuously about trends, real estate, investing, business models and, more importantly, patterns of success.

His latest ventures are all focused on the fastest growing Industry, Personal Franchising, showing people how to use a great tool to their benefit.

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He gets enjoyment from coaching others on life skills – money management, debt elimination, the creation of multiple pipelines of income and, most importantly, discovering someone’s passion and purpose in life.