Can you imagine what it will be like for you, when you have the life you really want?

• When you’re feeling slim, fit, strong, healthy, and full of energy - when all your aches and pains have gone away?
• When your relationships are stimulating, supportive, close and inspiring?
• When finances are no longer an issue or a struggle - when you simply have the money and income you need to pay all your bills, meet all your obligations, and do whatever and go wherever you want?
• When you’re living in the house and in the location of your dreams?
• When you’re doing the fulfilling work that you love to do - work for which you are appreciated and admired?

When life flows smoothly, nothing is a struggle. Your mind is clear. You’re headed in the direction you want to go. When challenges arise, you handle them with ease and grace. Life seems effortless, and yet extremely fulfilling. You feel happy, content, and at peace. You smile a lot, you have fun, you feel good. It feels great to be alive, and you love every minute of it.

Isn’t this what we all want - a life full of joy and free of struggle?

Can you picture it? Do you feel you can have it? That you deserve it? That it’s possible?

You see, although most people want it, they have trouble picturing it for themselves. Or, they can picture it, but they don’t believe it’s possible for them.

Why? It’s because of the results they’ve experienced in their life so far.

You can have the life that you want. You truly can. But here’s the thing – you must be able to picture it, and see yourself living that life. You must be able to know and believe that it is possible for you. You have to feel that you deserve it. You must be able to ‘feel’ what it will be like when you’re living your perfect life. And you have to take inspired action to get you there.

In other words, this life won’t just materialize all by itself. You’ll have to do some things that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. You’ll have to prepare.

What kinds of things do you need to do to continually move toward that new reality? It could be things like:

• Looking through magazines, online, or in your neighborhood for the perfect house you want, or something very close. Take that picture or those details, and put them where you’ll see them every day.

• Writing down what you’d love to be do as a career. What kind of work/job do you see yourself doing? Find some pictures that represent your ideal career, and put them where you can see them.

• Becoming healthier. What do you need to do to get really fit and healthy? Research trainers or fitness classes in your area. Enroll in a yoga class, or learn to play tennis or sign up with a trainer. Cut out pictures from magazines of people with the kind of body you want, and stick your head on them to help you see yourself with this new body. Whatever appeals most to you it fine – the important thing is that you get out and do it.

You get the idea. Start researching, planning and taking action now for the future – for the life that you want. Always keep that vision of your perfect life in your mind. That’s why finding pictures that represent what you want, and putting them where you can see them, can be so powerful. Create a vision board by pasting all the pictures and words that represent what you want onto a piece of poster board, and hang it where you can see it.

What do you need to do in your environment to get ready for this new life? Go through each room and look at the things you have. Ask yourself if you want these items with you in your new ideal life. If the answer is no, then let go of whatever you can now. This clears away the old energy of what you don’t want, and makes way for the new and what you do.

If you want to move into a new home, what would you have to do to your existing home to get ready for the move? If you would have to spruce it up to sell it, start doing that now. If you would have to clean it up for new tenants to come in, do that now. Always make sure that the actions you take are moving you towards what you want.

Your current results may not be what you want, but don’t focus on them – focus on what you want. Take action NOW – action that will move you toward the life you want.

It really can be yours.

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