The way you approach decision making directly impacts your success strategy. Failure is often a direct result of your inability to make timely decisions and stick with them. When you procrastinate about making a decision you’re really making a decision by default not to make a decision, and that default decision can be very costly.

Reaching decisions promptly should be part of your success strategy. Don’t confuse information with facts. You have or can obtain way too much information to make a good decision, but you only need to know the facts. The facts and the facts alone will help you to make the right decision.

When you incubate a decision too long you lose. Opportunities come with either implicit or explicit deadlines attached. You don’t have forever to make a decision. When you procrastinate and don’t make a decision someone else makes a decision for you by taking the opportunity away.

Waffles might be good for breakfast, but they’re terrible for decisions. Once you’ve made a decision stick with it. Successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. And there is a good reason for that. You’re unnecessarily wasting a lot of time and energy when you second guess yourself, and it demonstrates your lack of faith or belief in yourself. Self-confidence is a necessary part of your success strategy and the more belief you have in your ability to make good decisions the quicker your success ratio will increase.

Base your decisions on their relevance. The more relevant a decision is to your success strategy the more important it is to make a decision quickly and stick with your decision. The more irrelevant a decision is to your success strategy the more important it is to make a “no” decision and never think about it again.

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