The answer is “No”.

Let me clarify that. I don’t believe we can change our true destiny – that is, the destiny we secretly know to be true - for the truth is the truth. But we can and should change that “destiny” or fate that we have resigned ourselves to accept. You see, that “destiny” isn’t really a destiny at all. Instead, it’s an admission that we don’t know what else to do. It’s an indication that we’ve run out of ideas, we’ve run out of energy, we’ve run out of belief, and/or we’ve run out of hope. And staying in that mindset – the mindset keeping us from realizing our true destiny - would be an unfortunate waste. It takes resolve to break free from that mindset, but we can and should choose to rise above that state – to leave that life of mediocrity behind and progress down our path towards our true destiny. How do we accomplish that? It takes a shift in attitude and a shift in action.

There are two critical perspectives to adopt with respect to attitude. It is absolutely critical to have a positive attitude and it is absolutely critical to have an attitude of gratitude. (You can read my articles on positive attitude and on gratitude on my website.) When you have a positive attitude, you end up attracting positive things into your life. You find opportunities where you once only saw obstacles. When you are grateful for what you have, you allow more good things to come into your life. Don’t confuse being grateful with compromising or being satisfied - being grateful is different.

As far as taking action goes, there are two important issues to consider. One issue is whether what you are doing for a living is what best suits your skills and talents. If not, then move on to something that is a better match. The second important action-related issue to consider is nicely summed up in that famous definition of insanity we’ve all heard: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” Acknowledge that what you’ve been doing (or at least HOW you’ve been doing it) doesn’t work. Decide to open up your mind to other ways of doing what you do or trying altogether new approaches to moving you towards your success.

Anyone can make great strides towards advancing in the direction of their destiny – but it takes a definite shift in attitude, a definite shift in action, and a bit of courage…

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