As I sat in the Abraham-Hicks seminar this past weekend, over and over I heard Abraham tell people, “You can’t create a new reality for yourself by continuing to ‘beat the drum’ of what ‘is’… you have to start telling a new ‘story’ for yourself or nothing will ever change.”

I started thinking about the stories I was telling myself about my daughter. On the drive up to Portland where the seminar was, my daughter and I had a few ‘moments’ about how much money she had to spend on clothes and what she expected to be able to buy (it was a lot more than I had been expecting!). We argued about it a few times and afterwards, I felt angry and disappointed.

As I sat there listening to Abraham talk, I decided to create a new story for myself about my relationship with my kiddo and our weekend together.

Abraham continually says that the only reason what we want isn’t showing up in our lives is because we haven’t yet aligned ourselves up with it vibrationally, or we’re not in the place of feeling it. In other words, if we create a new ‘story’ around something we want, and change how we feel about it, we change our vibration. And if we change our vibration, we attract something different.

So I spent the next few minutes writing out exactly what I wanted to experience with my daughter over the weekend… like how much fun we would have, what great bargains we would find, and how much we would enjoy being together. I continued with how I wanted to feel that she was very appreciative and grateful for our weekend shopping together, and that I felt the same.

I wrote about all the things we wanted to shop for and how we would find them easily and at a great price. And then I wrote what a joyful experience the entire weekend would be for both of us.

The results were incredible. How quickly we can turn things around if we can just let go of our old stories and decide to create something different for ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, or complicated. It can be amazingly simple… we just have to do it!

During the lunch break from the seminar, I went up to see my daughter in our hotel room since she had been asleep when I left in the morning. She was a completely different person than she had been the night before. She was loving, excited about spending time together as soon as the seminar was over, and grateful that I had brought her with me. I heard more ‘thank you’s’ and ‘Mom, I appreciate you so much’, that weekend than I have ever heard before. We had so much fun together, and we found some great bargains!

But it all started with me deciding to ‘sing a new song’ about who she was and what our relationship was like… and how I wanted to feel.

Once I changed my vibration, it attracted something different. It was never about her changing, it was about me, but first I had to stop ‘beating the drum’ of what was, so I could change what ‘could be’.

I would like to say that I’ll always remember to do this work when I’m being challenged in a relationship… hmmmm. I would like to say that, but…

What I do know is that it does get easier the more I practice, and the more I practice, the more I remember to do it. And maybe next time instead of waiting a whole day before I jump in to turn things around, I’ll remember after a few hours… at least, that’s what I’m going to intend. :-)

Until next time… may all your stories be great ones!


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