How can regression therapy release fear of death? Is it necessary to believe in past lives to benefit from this method of healing? Discussion is led by Rose Rosetree, a certified hypnotist and regression therapist, author of "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses."

The girl was eight. I guessed it, which made each of us proud for different reasons. The scene was an upscale party, where I did face readings for four hours. But not on "Donna." Physiognomists know it's unethical, reading faces on anyone under 18 years of age. For Donna I did aura readings.

She liked what I said. Since the main points were summarized on a souvenir sheet, her parents got to read about Donna's aura too. Dad cried when reading it, I was told later. (Sweet family!)
What fascinated me about talking to Donna occurred when I was describing her aura and she blurted out:

"I don't want to live to be old. I want to be one. One!"

She held up a finger, in case I had trouble counting.

"Why?" I asked.

"If I could be one, I'd never have to die."


What, could a young kid be afraid of death? Why not? Many grownups are. But not grownups or children who have done many sessions of Energy Release Regression Therapy....

If fear of death is significant, healing that fear could become the goal of the session. (Usually, though healing this fear is a byproduct of sessions.) I chuckled this morning, realizing how I have taken this outcome for granted. Consequently, you can see that "Fear of Death" is absent from the part of my website where I go into detail about 21 different problems and how they can be addressed by Regression Therapy.

How do most of us regression voyagers manage to heal such a primal human fear? All it takes is one quick pop, out of your body at the end of a past life. Bam! You start to view death differently.

What happens after you have your last thought in that former lifetime? You still feel like "me." You still have a body that feels normal, a body which you identify with thoroughly (unless you have attained a very advanced state of consciousness). Only here's the wild part: Your new body is made of energy, light, mist -- these being typical names that clients have told me for how they experience that body-stuff-substance.

Typically, what happens next, after your "death" in a previous lifetime? You'll immediately go on to your next place of development. Soon, you'll be in a place of compassionate understanding where you can look back on the recently completed incarnation. What did you accomplish? How much learned? Could anything have been better?

Then, have a stint in some appropriate heaven and whee! You're off to another incarnation.


Yes, sometimes a death scene is complicated by being a premature close to the lifetime, as happens with suicide or murder. Then an entity may hang around for a while.

What if you're interested in learning how to help someone stuck in that way? Or what if you want to help out of self interest? Maybe you don't like having astral and E-T entities hanging onto your aura, uninvited and draining your energy.

Then you might want to sign up for my upcoming Spiritual Healing Intensive, where you will learn how to resolve this kind of problem, learning a variety of super-quick and easy ways to remove astral debris. That workshop will be next weekend, and a few spaces are still left.

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Back to releasing fear of death: Any session of Regression Therapy where you experience yourself moving in and out of different lifetimes will give you a dramatically different perspective. You know that death cannot finish you. Nothing will finish you.

God has begun you and God will continue to sustain you always. In the words of Dr. Coletta Long, my mentor for Regression Therapy, "You'll always be in some body, somewhere."


Reflecting on my conversation with Donna, I realize that overcoming fear of death is a very important side effect of Past Life Regression Therapy. Over several sessions, a wonderful confidence tends to develop. Yes, you have "been there, done that," the human thing, many other times.

I explained some of this to Donna and watched closely as she considered the possibility. "Sometimes kids even remember a bit about other lifetimes they've had," I told her. A flicker of recognition seemed to dance behind her eyes.

The main purpose of travel in-and-out of lifetimes is to make this one better, of course. I've had clients who were skeptical about living more than once. Some have even been prohibited from believing in reincarnation because of devout belief in a religion that disallows it. These clients still did just great!

Actually, look at what happened the same day that I chatted with Donna. Gadzooks, it was yesterday, a typical cram-filled day!
I had an interesting experience with a very long-term client. "Stephanie" has done more than a dozen sessions with me of Energy Release Regression Therapy; she has traveled in and out of many lifetimes, releasing frozen blocks of energy. This particular time, subconsciously directed by the specific goal she set for this session, Stephanie traveled into this lifetime only.

As Stephanie, she recalled a horrible trauma from when she was a young girl. Afterwards she told me, "Often I think about things that happened when I was young, but I had absolutely no conscious memory of this."

Major horror, hatred, rage and other toxic emotions were pulled out of her. I could tell this was the deepest releasing she'd had yet, and she agreed as we talked, back from the experience. Stephanie just glowed. Because she had released frozen blocks from other lives, she became ready to clean up her biggest problems from this one.

How cool is that! Releasing fear of death can remove dead spots while you're alive.

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