Calling and Intention

by Murray and Shirley Ansell

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s his/her calling”, meaning the work a person feels most passionate about and, to some, what that person is called to do by a higher power. You also may have heard quite a lot recently about “Intention”, particularly in connection with the smash hit DVD and book “The Secret”.

The Soul Energies
Both Calling and Intention are also attributes of our Soul energy which, when fully understood, help lead to the experience of complete love and respect, abundance and prosperity, joy and happiness, and perfect health. It is by misunderstanding who we are that we cause all of the dysfunction in our lives. So it’s clearly a good idea to understand these Soul energies.

The part of our Soul that is with us within the physical Universe can be called the Inner or Local Self. In order for us to experience the various attributes of our true nature (Love), our Local Self has energies that represent these attributes. When we strip away the misunderstandings we’ve had about these energies, they are acted upon by the Law of Attraction and we experience them in our reality. The end result….nothing but Love, including all of its attributes.

The Energy of Intention
The energy of Intention expresses Spirit’s intentions for the Soul, and is the same for all of us. All Soul energies express themselves in three aspects, in their Personal, Work, and Relationship energies, and we can understand the purpose of any Soul energy by understanding the energies from which it is created.

The energies that comprise Intention are Healing (Personal), Free Will (Work), and Unconditional Love (Relationship).

The energy of personal Healing tells us that our Soul’s intention is to release the negative consciousness that prevents us from experiencing our Soul energy of unconditional love in all its aspects. The Soul is always working behind the scenes bringing us opportunities to be aware of, understand, and know our Self (or Soul).

The energy of Free Will in the context of “work” is telling us that it is our “work” to express our free will. In order to do this, we need to free ourselves from the subconscious compulsions that result particularly from our childhood programming, and come to know who we really are. The Soul energies are given to accelerate this process of Self-discovery.

The energy of Unconditional Love in the context of relationships tells us that it is the Soul’s intention that we express our true nature, being Unconditional Love, in all our relationships.

The Energy of Calling
Calling is the energy of the Soul’s intentions for its incarnations. As always, we can understand this energy by understanding its component energies. The three energies that comprise the energy of Calling are Spirit’s Love (Personal), Enlightenment (Work), and Reverence (Relationships).

Our personal Calling is therefore to experience the energy of Spirit’s Love. This calls us to see beyond what our five senses tell us about reality and use our sixth sense, intuition, to connect with, and feel the love of, our Inner Self. But it also calls us to remember who we really are and seek to re-unite mentally and emotionally with our Creator.

Our work Calling is linked to our personal Calling and is to understand who we really are, and how we relate to everyone and everything in the physical and spiritual realms. By doing so we learn that we are a manifestation of Spirit, just as is everyone and everything else.

Our relationship Calling is linked to the other two Calling energies in that Reverence is the deepest level of respect born of seeing the divinity in some one or thing else. This requires a degree of Enlightenment and is always accompanied by the feeling of Spirit’s Love.

Releasing Negative Energy
In order to release any negative consciousness that conflicts with the information in this article, we suggest following and using the Inner Child, Ego and Superego steps in the energy releasing video at:

(Murray and Shirley Ansell are co-founders of Glendale, CA based Life Energy Coaching ( LEC was formed to share insights, products, and services from the development of the Soul Powered Healing system for spiritual growth and healing. An important aspect of Soul Powered Healing is the revealing of the attributes of our Soul energy. For more about Soul Powered Healing, you can visit

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Murray Ansell
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