We all have a creative spark. Some of us allow that spark to light a flame that burns brightly. Others let it fizzle and splutter.

A few weeks ago Nicole and I stood gazing up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, that marvel of artistic endeavour created by Michelangelo, wondering at the genius of a man who could paint so magnificently. A few days later, there we were, in Florence, in front of the same artist’s statue of David, perhaps the greatest masterpiece ever created. One man with such a creative flare that it is almost impossible for the rest of us to think of ourselves in that way.

Yet every day I meet with men and women who have created great things in their lives. They are leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and yes, writers and artists too. Seldom are they, even the artists, fully aware of how they create.

The change comes when someone recognizes that at the moment of generating a new idea, or putting two pieces of information together and coming up with a different process, they have actually been playing at the innermost being of their soul.

When the leader is playful instead of being serious all the time, he or she brings out the potential for new ideas to flow. And for the soul to sing. Imagine, in your corporation, that you are in a choir of singing souls. You can be a part of a place that draws out the creative spirit in everyone.

In peace

Warren Redman

Author's Bio: 

Warren Redman trained in the UK as a psychotherapist, facilitator and coach and has developed his own unique style of Emotional Fitness Coaching. He is president of the Emotional Fitness Institute (formally the Centre for Inner Balancing), writing about, teaching and coaching people in Emotional Fitness. He is the author of fifteen books, including the Award-winning The 9 steps to Emotional Fitness, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace.

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