Okay, sing along with me now…..
“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every moonbeam, ‘till you find your dream”
Is there anyone, anywhere who has not sung or hummed (in or out of tune) those famous words from “The Sound of Music”? I can still hear the spine tingling tones of the superb actress who played the part of the Mother Superior singing those words to Julie Andrews.
To me, these words indicate just how personal our goals (mountains) are. Your mountains, streams, moonbeams and dreams are yours and yours alone.
You are the only player on the team and although you should have a support system in place (fans), you are the only one with the puck and the stick. Though unlike a hockey game, your trip down the ice is not a competition.
But I’m mixing metaphors here. Back to the mountain. Don’t compare your climb to the climb of others or try to keep up with others or compete with them. You are the only one who can succeed in aiming for and reaching your summit.
There are three things you need to avoid in order not to slide back down the mountain:
1. You do not need the approval of others. It is so easy for people to form opinions on the behaviour of others. Dreams can be crushed by unthinking individuals. If, and only if, you have a mastermind group of goal oriented people, or a Coach, or close friends and relatives who will support you in any and all of your choices on your goal journey, don’t share your goals with others.
Keep in mind that although family members and some friends may love you, their closeness to you may blur some lines. Their own agenda for you can cause them to inadvertently place a wide crevasse in your ascent. Choose carefully the people you take into your confidence.
There are goal experts who do suggest you should tell others your goal(s). I can understand the reasoning in that this would cause you to not want to fail and thus disappoint others or be judged as unsuccessful. This is a fearful feeling and creates negativity. Your climb cannot succeed if your ropes are frayed by negative energy.
Another possible reasoning for telling others your goals could be that it may create a cheering squad and lots of support but this can backfire as previously mentioned.
It’s all about that incredible Universal Energy that is now widely discussed in movies such as “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”. We are now realizing quantum physics (science) and spirituality (faith) are more parallel than we every realized. Keep your circle of ‘fans’ small and carefully chosen in order that any energy they contribute will join yours in a laser-beam of concentrated, powerful focus on your mountain peak.

Lots of articles can tell you what to do, but there is nothing like “Rev Up to Coaching” to personalize and have you rapidly reach your own goal adventure!
2. You do not need to keep up with others or keep score of who is succeeding in reaching more goals. Stay focused on every step up the mountain. Energy expended on what others are doing, is less energy needed by you in order to find your toe and hand holds on the rock face.
Goal achievement is never a competition. Climbing too fast can cause you to slip, lose focus, make wrong choices. It matters not if others reach their summit before you. Their life is uniquely their own as is yours. Your competition is strictly with yourself, the fact that you want to climb this mountain in a way you have done before.
3. You do not need to compare your goals to the goals of others. We may think that we want the same things as others, but when you get down to the fine details (inches) of the climb although you all may be climbing mountains, it is for different reasons and whatever the joy, peace, elation, etc. standing atop that peak gives you, it is never the same for anyone else. You all may want better health, relationships, finances etc., but each path is distinctive.
So go and stand on some higher ground, take a picture of yourself, make it into a poster and put it on your mirror! This is yours. Yours to keep in concentrated focus, yours to reach in your own time and yours to know is the right one for you.
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