How Can you use a home based direct sales business to create a CEO level income Fast? I think it is safe to assume that most people reading this article have been in direct sales or at least know what it is. Starting from there lets look at some common traits that direct sales professionals have.

1. Direct sales people have an appetite for adventure. For many its more of a secure adventure, but an adventure none the less.

2. Direct sales people don't accept or need to be "bird dogged" or watched over constantly.

3. Direct sales people are results oriented. Give them a goal or a number and they seem to hit it every time or come real close trying.

4. Direct sales people want to be recognized. Applause, and awards are great, but most professionals would rather have the green backs.

5. Direct sales people are willing to take some risk that others are not so eager to take. Their motivation is usually the belief they have in there product and the rewards those risks can bring to their lives.

6. Direct sales people like to play. Most don't just simply want to amass a giant stash of cash, they want to enjoy it. They want to do the things that others don't think of or think they can't.

7. Direct sales people know the value of integrity. They know the power behind the relationship with the customer and go to great lengths to make sure the customer gets what they promise.

Looking at the opportunities and the way they are structured its no wonder most direct selling profesionals struggle to reach the point that the have labelled success for themselves.

Lets take a look at real estate. For a person with no contacts it usually won't matter how hard you work to close deals. Some one who knows someone will make the deal long before. Any agent can sell any property. So as the agent who is just starting out continues to make those contacts and build that customer base, the seasoned agent, who could be from anywhere slips that next desperately needed piece of the puzzle away from the struggling beginner.

Lets just pick another common sales position in America today. The Car Sales Person. Oh Boy. I have had many friends and heard of many others who just seem to disappear. After not hearing from them for a couple of years, I learn the got a job selling cars.

I think to myself, so what, does this mean they can't be friends any more. No more fishing, no more long weekends, no more softball. Well what really happens is they trade all that time in. They have to work about a zillion hours a week. Some do make a decent income though.

I have learned of a new breed of Direct selling. Well, probably not so new, but I'm talking about a home based direct sales position. This business model seems too fit the "personality" of the direct sales professional a little better.

It is important that a direct sales individual is passionate about the product they represent. You can always tell if a person believes in what the selling. And most would rather buy from someone who is behind the product one hundred percent.

Back on topic again. How can you use a homebased direct sales business to create a CEO level income fast and not give up all your time and relationships in the proccess? Systems. Let systems, whether it be automation, proccess, or lazer targeted daily method of operation, do the stuff that anyone could do and spend your time doing the things that require the skill that you possess.

The Direct Sales industry is often the number one way for small business people to explode their income. The benefits of being a direct sales associate is the ease in which you can be up and running with a full service business, from the comfort of your own home.

If you have the desire to completely take control of your professional life with regards to how much money you can earn each day, week, month and year, then go grab your favorite beverage and pay close attention.

Most of the business opportunities you see on the Internet are primarily in the direct sales industry. Direct Sales associates are simply defined as individuals who represent a product or service line and reap all the profits.

In other words, in direct sales you push out the middleman and you deal direct with the source and the customer deals directly with you.

Here's a tip: Get in with a company that has high ticket items. That are sought after products and have repeat purchase potential. The reason being is simply this. In direct sales you are going to have certain tasks you do daily to generate business, so why not make as much money as possible with the same amount of work!

I hope that makes sense to you... if you have to work 4 hours a day anyway, why not make 10 or 100 times what you would if you were to sell a low end product.

As stated above, in the direct sales industry you keep all of the retail profits based on the agreement set up by the company. A great benefit of knowing what your profit margins are (i.e., $1,000, $5,000, $8,000), allows you to plan how much money you want to make each day, week or month.

Think about it: if you know that you want to vacation in January and February, then you simply do what you need to do to take off those months. The direct sales industry gives you this type of time freedom. You decide when you work and for how long!

Make sure the company does all the grunt work. Inventory, shipping, customer service, things you don't need to be doing.As a direct sales associate your primary function is marketing. And Make SURE you get paid at the point of sale.

Other than marketing, the company handles all the rest. The company in a direct sales situation takes care of the product development, customer service, support and training, etc. You have a full fledged running business from the word 'go'. A good home based direct sales company empowers you with the tools to be a strong, successful and lucrative business owner.

Here's a description from economist Paul Zane Pilser:

'The Next Millionaires' explains in detail why the 21st Century will be known as the age of the entrepreneur, and how you can stake your claim to being one of these next 10 million millionaires---especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness & personal development. It explains how old models of opportunity in physical distribution have given way to new opportunities in intellectual distribution, defined as teaching people about products or services that they didn't even know existed.

And, drawing on Pilzer's 33 years of experience as an entrepreneur and employer, it explains how to use your past to find your place in the new economy and your ticket to becoming one of The Next Millionaires.

Direct sales falls right in line with this thinking. Working a corporate job in these times is a way to insure you will not have a good retirement. With everything so far out of whack in the economy, the number one way to insure you have your money handled is to take full control, and direct sales is a highly lucrative path to take.


Direct sales are a great way to network with like minded people.

Direct sales provides flexibility with how many hours you work.

Direct sales provides flexibility with when you work.

Direct sales is an effective way to have a second income.

Direct sales is a great way to own a business and take advantage of tax breaks.

Direct sales is great because you earn income based on your efforts.

Direct sales doesn't require education degrees --- you can learn as you go.

Direct sales doesn't require huge up front investments of capital - investments are typically required, but not nearly to the level of, for example, a franchise.

Direct sales companies provide you with the training and support required to get up and profitable quickly.

According to recent surveys, 55 percent of Americans have purchased goods or services through direct sales. That's more than the number who have purchased through television shopping and on-line computer services combined.

People value the products available through direct sales and 45 percent of Americans want to buy from direct sales people.

Home based direct sales is a growing industry. If you happen to be caught up in this sluggish real estate market or are sick of slinging cars and never seeing your family I hope I have put some wind in your sales.

Oh, you might want to get married first or they may make you pay for the wedding.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Crawford is an entrepreneur and authors a group of successful home business ideas websites. Writing mostly about business opportunities and small business ideas that can make an impact both financially and personally. If you thinking of starting a business give them a read.