While I'm in the know, I stay in touch, abreast of the daily news, the markets and more, I've noticed that during this alleged and perceived downturn, there is a much more significant resistance amongst peers, business associates, and fellow entrepreneurs. We aren't participating in the bad news; we are creating our own economies.

Now, that isn't to say we aren't affected. We don't have our heads in the sand, instead we are looking forward, eyes wide open and taking advantage of opportunities created during this period to make needed changes. This is the ideal time to:

Do reassess your marketing message, method, and target.
Don't cut back on your marketing efforts during downtimes.

Do create a way to stay in touch with your buyers regularly.
Don't just send them an email when you want to sell or announce.

Do use creative methods that you might not have considered previously.
Don't be afraid to test more than one method or message.

Do know who your target market is, be specific and focused.
Don't take every prospect that comes your way, just because you are a little hungrier.

Do look for ways to take advantage of consumers staying put, unable to move.
Don't assume they won't spend; they often have more money because they aren't moving!

Do be patient and optimistic, continue taking action.
Don't become a pessimist, and shirk responsibility for your own success.

As a designer, it is interesting to me that while I hear that business is down and I do know of a couple of vendors struggling, I know many more that are doing well right now. In my own business I've noticed that many clients are still gung ho on their interiors since they realize they aren't going to be moving for at least 2-3 years. They also learn the value of "moveable money,"
my trademark phrase for furnishings.

As a speaker, when the economy is in a slump, audiences need an even stronger dose of motivation, sales training, leadership insights, and more to keep them going. While it may take more negotiating, the opportunities are still very much in evidence.

Persistence, passion and action will reap reward.

© 2008 Melissa Galt

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