In the 7th chapter of the book of Luke, scriptures tell us about an incident in which Jesus entered a town. There He found a widow crying over the death of her only child, her son. Moved by compassion, He touched the open coffin (an act which was not acceptable in those days because it was considered unclean to touch dead bodies). He said, Young man, I say to you, "arise". Immediately the boy came back to life.

Back in ancient times women rarely worked outside of the home. Therefore, if a woman became a widow, her sons were expected to care for her. In the story above, the woman only had one son...and he had died, which meant that the woman would soon be left destitute.

When Jesus saw her tears, He said in Luke 7:13, "Do not weep". And He proceeded to bring the young man back to life. God loves all of His children equally. He loves you as much as He loved the woman and her son. Just as He brought that woman's son back to life, He is capable of bringing your dead situations to life.

Maybe a doctor has told you that there is no hope for you: You'll never be healed, never have a baby, etc. Maybe the bank has turned down your loan. Perhaps you feel you will be lonely forever.

Jesus has a message for you: "Do not weep". Stand on that word. Pray and ask God to do for you what He did for that woman. He brought her joy back to life and dried her tears. His desire is to do the same for you.

Stop crying. Lift up your head. You are alive. Jesus loves you. He desires to make you whole again. Do not weep.

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Lynn Burrow is director of Christian Women for Jesus Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to needy women and healing and restoration to those who are open to be healed. Her web address is . Her discussion forum address is