Projects and goals can survive the difficult times ahead if you build strong partnerships and cross pollinate with like-minded individuals. The right combination of people will contribute knowledge and resources necessary for success. Strong partnerships can minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths as well as combine assets to improve the partnerships chances of success.

Architecting a successful partnership takes skill. It is important to take the time to define roles only after every potential partner has the opportunity to express their vision, skill set and availability.

Combining a strong group of potential partners is not always easy. Having a group of intelligent people with strong opinions can often lead to control issues. Partnerships require compromise. It is important that every potential partner in the room set aside what they think they know and be open to a new experience. They must be as good a listener as they are a talker.

At the onset of partnership building don’t demand that you’re way is the only way. Successful partnerships require give and take which may require giving up control of things that may be really important to you. Many times this is the point of contention, letting go of certain roles and responsibilities to someone in the partnership is not always easy for those set in their ways.

It can be helpful to bring in a facilitator to the partnership building process. A business coach can help mediate and work through the process of building a strong partnership agreement bringing objective input and helping each person realized the benefits the others to the success of the group.

Finding good partners is not always easy but many highly networked business coaches and consultants often have the ability to put people together that fit and may have the partner you need in their network. We have successfully brought together many of our clients this past year creating strong partnerships that led to faster goal achieving.

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Since 1987 Shellee Hale has been consulting with corporations, individuals and attorney's regarding their personal and professional goals helping to implement strategies and action plans that work. As one of the pioneers of (ITIL) Information technology infrastructure library consulting for businesses Shellee Hale learned a great deal about the importance of every individual’s personal well being and the direct ties it has to the success on a team. Using similar strategies as a Private Investigator, Life Coach, Counselor and Litigation Consultant Shellee Hale uses a combination of skills and resources to pull together that winning case. I share some of my personal opinions, thoughts and experiences on my blog at hoping to encourage cooperative work ethic, positive growth and swifter goal achieving on any project.