If you find yourself struggling to get your home based business off the ground -- whether it be an MLM or network marketing business, an affiliate marketing business, or something else -- here is a simple question to ask yourself. Are you operating a business or a hobby?

This is a critical question and you would be surprised at how often people say they are operating a business, but upon closer examination it turns out they're really operating as if it is just a hobby. In your case, your answer is going to directly impact your results because if you approach your business like a hobby, then it will pay you like a hobby. On the other hand, if you approach it like a business, then it will pay you like a business.

Your Business Is Not Get Rich Quick

If you get around to your business when you feel like it and spend inconsistent hours here and there, then stop kidding yourself because you do not have a business. And waiting around for someone else to help you kick it into gear is nothing more than wishful thinking.

You would be amazed at the number of people who claim to be looking for a business, but are really looking for a get rich quick scheme. They want an "opportunity" that they can invest little or no money into, but that will pay them six figures without having to do any work. And then they are convinced after spending $50 to get started and making a few phone calls that the business "doesn't work". Or worse yet, it's a scam.

Is this you or someone you know? If it is you, then go out and buy a lottery ticket because your odds of succeeding are probably better. This is not what building a home based network marketing business is about.

Business Success Starts With The Basics

A real business requires real work. And that includes adopting basic business practices that are universal to success:

  • Developing a business plan with goals, and time lines, and an action plan to support it.
  • It means having a marketing strategy.
  • It means book keeping.
  • It means having proper tools, which may include a website, a business phone and fax line, a calling plan, a 1-800 number, etc.
  • Oh, and it definitely means having people to talk to and then actually having conversations with them.

By now, you probably get the picture.

Like any other type of business, there is learning to be done and skills to develop. If you've never been involved in network marketing or a home business before then it's highly unlikely you will instantly be brilliant at it. Like all things, it requires practice and persistence.

It requires work. But unlike other professions, you don't need to spend years getting a degree. Your timeline can be much shorter.

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