These two eBay selling tips are about something extremely critical… pricing research. Don’t think that just because you know how much an item costs at wholesale will show you how much profit you’re likely to make. Carrying out some very important research is essential to a successful eBay business for these two vital reasons:

eBay Selling Tips #1:

It’s important to get a good idea of the average resale price for your product before you get started. For many popular things like electronics, DVDs, and computer games, the profit margins are usually pretty low. Despite that fact, many eBay sellers just see the popularity of the item and dive right in.

Overly saturated markets just mean an extra amount of work for very little return. Throw huge, established eBay sellers into the mix and it becomes nearly impossible to compete. But, you can’t know this until you research it first! So visit auction sites, read classified ads, and any other material you can find until you have a good handle of exactly what you’re going to get.

eBay Selling Tips #2:

The second reason for vital pricing research is that your pre-conceptions of the value of an item may be completely wrong. Most people have a tendency to think that “wholesale” some how automatically means one-fifth of the actual retail price. This is usually not true at all!

Some eBay sellers are shocked when they realize they actually have to spend a significant amount of money on their wholesale items. Buying wholesale simply doesn’t mean automatic huge profits for very little investment. However, for some items, such a scenario is possible… but only if you do the necessary research!


Don’t pass these two eBay selling tips off too quickly! They’re extremely important and often overlooked by many people who have given up on their eBay business. You can succeed by doing your due diligence!

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