Many people have many great ideas. They just don’t act on them. You can do it differently. This booklet is based on the author's first-hand, been-there-done-that experiences.

Gary Bronga worked in the aerospace industry at Cape Canaveral Florida for 21 years.
Wearing identification badges has always been a part of his working wardrobe. A large aerospace company handed out a lapel pin for a promotion in the spring of 1995. Just by chance Gary pinned his badge to the lapel pin. An idea for a better way to wear his company identification badge came to him. For several days he made many drawings and came up with the idea to place a "bar" at the bottom of a lapel pin to accommodate the common bulldog metal clip on identification badges.

This enabled him to make badge holders of custom logos for companies or associations, or create many fun designs to make wearing badges more enjoyable. This was the start of Gary's journey. The tips in this booklet will streamline your own process of taking a product from an idea to reality, putting money in your pocket. Gary originally had enough rejection letters to wallpaper his home office wall. Most of the people and companies that rejected him then call him now.

Today, his product, CLIPEZE, is sold in over 1,700 uniform stores and 24 catalogs. One representative even placed it on the television show "ER," the number one rated show in America at the time. Mr. Bronga is currently concentrating on penetrating other markets, making gains on internet sales, and leveraging his ideas into other new related products.

Mr. Bronga started CLIPEZE in the smallest bedroom of his home, moved to a larger bedroom, then finally to over 2500 sq. feet of commercial office space. He left his aerospace job and his need to wear his own identification badge for a chance to be his own boss, make his own decisions and create his own future. Now his business has grown from home office to commercial space, with 6 employees, and an exceptionally bright future. Gary believes that anyone can do what he did with their own product.

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