Did you know that many of us are just as uncomfortable when a stranger us asks us for "some change" as we are when we ask ourselves for change? 

Human Beings are creatures of habit and the familiar.  We have a propensity to engage in that which is predictable and involves minimal risks.  The very thought of change can generate feelings of unease and resistance. 

For many, change represents a disturbance of their status quo.  But status quo represents a plateau state of existence.  Why not disturb it?  Why not move from stagnation, to "Great!" "Awesome!" "Growing!"  "Reaping!"

Look at your life today.  Do you see where improvements can be made?  Transform this vision into the motivation needed to take action. Commit to making decisions based on personal and spiritual growth. Approach change as opportunity to enhance your life and you will. 

When we choose not to change, we set ourselves up for lethargy, boredom and a life which lacks ambition.  It doesn't take a lot of effort to create change. It only takes unshakable faith, an undaunting belief in self and a commitment to do or be something different.  

All of us have the ability to capitalize with change.  It is our destiny to grow mentally, physically, professionally, personally, financially, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Envision change as an empowering opportunity - because it is. Embrace it with optimism and enthusiasm.  In doing so, you'll immediately position yourself to receive more than you've ever imagined.

Author's Bio: 

Fran Briggs is a "motivational speaker of the inspirational kind." She speaks to men, women and children from all backgrounds and specializes in maximizing human potential. Ms. Briggs can be reached at www.franbriggs.com