Last month, I received a phone call from one of my good friends. As I listened, I could tell that, just about everything that could go wrong in her life, was going wrong in her life. And, at the most inopportune time.

Or, so I thought.

Then she told me, "Fran, I just thought I let you know that in spite of all of this, life goes on and I'm gonna keep moving. I have so much to be grateful for. A lot of women would love to be in my shoes. This is what I'm going to do ..."

The truth is, each of us can change our circumstances -- and our world -- by renewing our minds. All of us can be dynamically delivered from despair, despondency, and disillusion if we are diligent ... and keep moving.

Keep moving in spite of:

-Low pay

-No pay


-No energy


-Unexpected "Good-byes"

-Heavy loads

-1,000 "noes"

-Chaos (and)


The law of inertia says that an object (or human being) at rest, has a propensity to remain at rest. Conversely, an object or human being in motion has a propensity to stay in motion. So, get moving! And keep moving.

Don't allow an undesirable circumstance -- or few, or some less-than-welcomed news, to drive you to the "stagnation blues." Keep moving.

Don't "brake" or hesitate, on what only you and God, can create.

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