Growing up, I remember my Dad had some really great friends.  They had the most amazing, positive and magnetic energy.  Arguably, they were also among the "coolest" of their time.  One in particular, is not only admired by me, but by countless others who affectionately know him as, "Big O."

"Big O" is called "Big O" for several reasons.  The most obvious; he's big!  Two, his first name is Orin.  And three, his son, Orin, Jr., is nicknamed, "Little O." "Big O" just happens to be big on optimism, as well.  Quite frankly, he's one of the most optimistic and friendly individuals you could ever meet. 

Optimistically, he led his high school football team to victory.  Optimistically, he happily married and became a loving husband, father and grandfather.  Optimistically, he took the initiative and brought Little League Baseball to a small city that didn't believe it was possible.  Optimistically, he mentored children from several communities.  Optimistically, he built a state-recognized program for hundreds of troubled youth.  Optimistically, he ran -- and successfully served -- as Mayor of my city.  Optimistically, he comforted my family when my Dad died unexpectantly. Optimistically, "Big O" did, and continues to do, the most incredible things. 

Optimistic individuals are enthusiastic, grateful, and positive visionaries.  Optimistic people passionately share their ambition, energy, ideas and plans.  Optimistic people stay committed to their dreams, values and goals.  Optimistic people not only positively affect the lives of others, but their own lives as well.  But, most importantly, optimistic people neither have to be big, nor have a first name ... which begins with the letter "o."

Author's Bio: 

Fran Briggs is an inspirational speaker, author and peak performance coach.  She is also the principal of The Fran Briggs Companies, an organization which helps groups and individuals take their potential, beyond the max!  For more information or to sign up for your free successzine/newsletter, visit  This essay is dedicated to Orin Allen, Sr., in recognition of the tremendous leader you are; and the person of magnificent influence, you hafve always been.