It can be challenging to think about going to the next level.  Especially when you're completely overwhelmed by the thought of taking the next step.  Are you catatonic?  "Stuck on still"?  Moving nowhere, fast?  Perfect!  You are in excellent position to generate what I call, "mountain-moving momentum."  You see, mountain-moving momentum lets you start as you are.  You may already know that momentum keeps you  in motion long enough to do what you desire to do.  Mountain-moving momentum is much more stronger than this. Mountain-moving momentum empowers you by keeping you in motion long enough to do what no one - including you - thought you could do. The fact is, it takes mountain-moving momentum to achieve goals such as incredible fat-loss, stupendous financial gain or presenting an ear-catching winning proposal.  The more you have, regardless of the size of the goal, the more quickly the goal is achieved.

The law of physics says that, Momentum = Mass x Velocity.   
Mountain-Moving Momentum = Mass x Velocity + Stick-to-it-'til-u-do-it-ty.
Any size goal can be difficult to start.  But, if you incorporate mountain-moving momentum, you'll achieve even the biggest goal in the shortest amount of time possible.  The Mountain-Moving Momentum Law says that nothing can stop you except your own resistance.  Blow past your resistance and you'll discover that what you thought would take years to achieve, only required a few weeks or days.  Here are the underlying principles of the law:

-Make God your partner 
-Whatever the goal...just get it started! 
-Maintain a rapid speed that both, sustains your momentum, and keeps you moving towards your goal
-Stick to it, until you do it.

Remember, the only thing that can stop your mountain-moving momentum is your own resistance.  Your resistance includes all of the excuses you use to tell you, why you can't (and you know what those are).  Moving a mountain with mandated, mountain-moving velocity will initially require a lot of effort.  However, once you begin, even you, will be hard-pressed, to stop you.

Author's Bio: 

Fran Briggs is an "motivational speaker of the inspirational kind." She is also President of The Fran Briggs Companies, an organization which helps others maximize their human potential. For innovative and powerful success resources and tools, visit