You're a remarkable person.  But, you knew that already.  Still, buried among apathy, unbelief and inhibition, is the brilliant "you" waiting to be released.  You already knew that, too.  A few disappointments here, several temporary defeats there, and POOF! just like that, you settled for being a risk-conscious, opportunity:

self-denied, generality. Nobody has ever made any progress by standing still.  You're not an exception; and you're not alone.  In fact, you have plenty of company.  But, why settle for a life that looks like just about everyone else's?  Do something magnificent with your God-given gifts and boldly distinguish yourself from the masses.  Decide-on this day-to connect with your brilliance, within.

Paramount in your quest for brilliance is the personal development and daily utilization of your talents and abilities.  As a matter of fact, it's required.  It's not necessary to be perfect.  Striving for excellence in everything you do is enough to release your brilliance.

Trust me.  You were not born to be "mild."  So cut it out!  There's an entire universe out there starving for your gifts.  How long will you continue to wait to take those last four classes needed for your degree?  What career have you just been "wishing it were so" about?  If all you can see is yourself remaining 16 units short of your degree, how can you possibly prepare for an exciting future?  If you can't believe for a meaningful vocation now, will you have the passion to believe for one later?  

Challenge yourself.  Commit to do just two things this hour that will untap your brilliance.  Revamp your resume; make a phone call to your advisor.  Even a modest amount of brilliance unreleased, would relay the message to your brain:  "Wow, she's serious!"   

Ignite your passion.  Inhale, then excel.  Stand and deliver!  See, then be! 

Your life matters.  Visualize your brilliance totally unreleased.  Then boldly, step into the vision.

Author's Bio: 

Fran Briggs is an author and "motivational speaker of the inspirational kind." She has written and published several articles, manuals and books including, "Seeds for Success" and the children's inspirational, "Don't Think Like an Elephant." This prominent voice of inspiration speaks to audiences of children and adults of all ages and backgrounds with the aim of inspiring them to their respective level of greatness. For more informaiton and resources that maximize human potential, visit Or, to contact her personally, send an email to