Did you see “The Polar Express”? It is a wonderful movie about a young boy’s questioning the existence of things unseen, like Santa, and of his inner transformation on that exciting journey. I think each one of us has the choice to board “The Transformation Express” every day. Each morning as you awake, it pulls up outside your door, and the conductor shouts out to you, “Are you coming, or not?” Will you make the choice to consciously choose transformation, to opt for a glorious journey that leads to all kinds of magic and surprises?

One of the ways that transformation occurs is through a major change. You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that knock us upside the head and you lie there stunned, shaking and wondering how you will get your life back.

The day of major change often looks like any other day. You wake up and look outside and see nothing that even hints at the intensity and inevitability of what is to follow. This is a day that will alter who you are forever, and yet there is no banner across the sky that proclaims this rite of passage.

For that is indeed what major change is in your life. It is a rite of passage, a time when you are leaving behind what is familiar and comfortable, and entering a place that may contain dark and unfamiliar corners. It is a moving toward the unknown and becoming someone different than you were before the train arrived. So often, when the train pulls up to us, we don’t board because we are clinging dearly to all that remains familiar.

For many recently involved in the Katrina disaster, the winds of change came in the shape of a hurricane and flooding. In your case, perhaps this is the day that a loved one dies, or you receive a diagnosis of a serious life-threatening illness. You may be involved in a life-or-death accident or assault, or you are presented with divorce papers. This could be the day you lose your job or financial support. Perhaps the change you are dealing with did not arrive on one certain day. It may have been a gradual process, such as aging or a debilitating illness of self or a loved one.

I recently was presented with 3 of these: a car accident, my father’s death, and the breakup of my marriage. I decided the day after the accident to hop on board the train, despite my fear and pain, and to expand my vistas and who I am as a divine human being. However, I believe we don’t need life crises to initiate healing, because, in truth, every moment of each day is an opportunity to move towards wholeness. It’s all in how we look at each moment and in the choices we make.

So, once you decide to step on board the “Transformation Express," what happens next? There is no formula for becoming the most authentic, most loving and compassionate and ‘evolved’ human/divine being you can be, but there are some basic guidelines to consider. Here are 7 of the most important:

1. Breathe. Change brings stress and fear, and we tend to tighten up physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. TAKE TIME EACH DAY TO DO CONSCIOUS BREATH-EXPANDING EXERCISES. Your growth and healing will be accelerated.
2. Choose the front of the train instead of taking a back-seat position in your transformation. You are the co-conductor of your journey. Each day, face yourself in the mirror and STATE YOUR INTENTION TO USE THE ENERGY OF LOSS AND CHANGE TO REBUILD A BETTER, MORE EXPANSIVE YOU! Better yet, SING IT! Singing brings the message deeper through vibration and resonance.
3. Use the power of music to transform your beliefs and your thinking. Choose songs that have lyrics that speak to the issues you most need to transform. Sing them over and over to create new pathways in your brain. This can help eliminate negative thinking and self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts.
4. Touch in with yourself. You can’t figure out how to rebuild, re-create and redefine your life unless you are touching in with your spirit, mind, body and heart. If you are moving TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN. Journal, sit quietly with your pets or the sunset, and ASK EACH PART OF YOURSELF WHAT IT NEEDS to be supported on this journey.
5. Take frequent breaks from the hard work that you are doing. Just like you don’t want to get blood clots in your legs on a train or plane, you also don’t want to allow your life and focus on healing to create more blockage. DO LOTS OF THINGS THAT GIVE YOU PLEASURE, JOY AND PEACE. DO ONE MORE THING EACH DAY! Keep increasing this. There are no limits to gifting yourself!
6. Make Nature your best friend. NATURE HAS A LOT OF WISDOM AND HEALING FOR US. It’s as simple as that. Don’t ignore this truth, live it.
7. Make a commitment to help others, to be kinder to yourself and to all you meet. CHOOSING COMPASSION as a lifestyle brings abundant miracles into your life!

Join me on “The Transformation Express." Visualize your train, making it as beautiful, exotic, awesome, or whatever you desire for that day. See yourself climbing on board and joining with me and thousand of others who are choosing the road to incredible, exciting, light and love-filled transformation. And, remember: IT IS NOT THE DESTINATION THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT, IT IS THE JOURNEY.


Author's Bio: 

Marcia Breitenbach is a licensed psychotherapist, wonderful work-in-progress, and author of “The Winds of Change: A Guided Journey with Healing Music through Grief, Loss and Transformation” and its accompanying CD of original music. The book and inspiring and empowering songs help you to live your life fully, and speak about loving oneself, surrender, facing fear, and embracing nature and life’s mysteries. Go to: www.griefandlosshelp.com today only, and see her offer of life-transforming gifts to help you soar from some of the most generous self-help experts!