We’ve all heard the following advice, “take a deep breath and relax”. Don’t underestimate the power of a deep, relaxing breath.

Breathing in, deeply, represents a greater intake of energy or “ki” into your system. The deeper and more intently you breathe in air, down to your lower stomach or hara (two finger widths below your navel), the greater the effect of balancing energy flow. Shallow breaths provide your system with oxygen, however, they lack the force to effectively supply necessary “ki” to essential points throughout your body. “Ki” supplies the force to move blood through your system to fuel your nervous system, sustain your internal organs and stimulate brain cells. By breathing deeply, down to your lower stomach or “hara”, the energy has enough force to flow outward to other regions of your body. This stimulates the flow of energy to naturally vitalize and balance your body.

In addition to maintaining the healthy flow of energy through your system, conscious breathing as described here, is a natural relaxer. The next time you feel tense, or under pressure; stop, breathe in to your “hara” and imagine it filling with energy, breathe out and feel the tension fall from your neck and shoulders. If you are able to close your eyes during this conscious breathing exercise, it will help your focus even more.

While you practice this conscious breathing, add a short, positive affirmation (i.e., “I am calm and unagitated”, or “I am filled with peace and light”). As you practice this breathing on a regular basis, you will connect more with the energy as you breathe in deeply, and feel its relaxing effect. The relaxation is an indication that energy is flowing toward balance, rather than blocks or stagnant imbalance.

“Breathe in Focus” and continue your path to balance and wellness!

Copyright D. Peyton 2006

Author's Bio: 

Denyce is certified as a Gendai Ki Reiki and Reiki Ryoho master/teacher and holistic life coach. Her holistic practice is founded on two decades of personal and spiritual development study and practices. Denyce is an experienced business manager, accomplished writer and researcher as well.

After a twenty year career in corporate management, Denyce chose to follow her passion for practicing and teaching holistic wellness systems.

Denyce coaches and teaches in person and using phone and internet distance methods to ensure client's ease to access her practice.