Each time of year, each cycle has energies and connections to higher forces that can be activated on our behalf. Now, we are in a reorganization of energies that have a momentum of force moving and collecting energy to carry us forward into new insights and dynamics. Vibrationally, we are revisiting past paradigms that are cycling through old illusions, past pain and ancient fears that have yet to be resolved either on a personal level or a global scene. This is why they can gain a hold on our psyches, emotions and in the world view. As we move deeper into winter, deeper into the cycle towards winter solstice and after, we approach those energies with an even greater keenness, attention and perhaps pull. It is time to heal these energies and negative manifestations in our personal lives and in our global reality.

Right now, we are stuck in an old paradigm view of healing and renewal. We are bound by the old view that is desperately holding onto to our energies and feeding off of our fears. We are held in that old paradigm until we create the “New Illuminated Paradigm” that will bring more light, more freedom, more awakening into each individual life and into the entire human collective. The “New Illuminated Paradigm” holds vibrations and frequencies that uplift us, enlighten us, heal the divide between all life-forms and bring us all toward joyous fulfillment and Divine connection.

There are many of us who are working towards this dynamic – each in their own way. You are one of them. We have come into this life to create the “New Illuminated Paradigm” and bring honor, love and truth into our world. Yet, the density of the outer world and the dynamics of its intensifying shadows are making it more difficult to move into the “New Illuminated Paradigm” we seek. To create our new paradigm we need to work with and move into new frequencies of joy and blessing. We have tried the old energies and, beautiful and rich as they are, they are not working to bring the transformative shift into the light.

In my emails to you, I have shared about Alawashka, the original language and vibrational source of creation. Alawashka is the first energy and consciousness that was brought into being to create – to create in full integrity, joy and enlightenment form Source, from the Divine, from the Goddess. She is a language and a being who brings amazing blessings and frequencies to our world. She is the first language emitted from Divine Source and She reverberates pure creation energy. While our planet and world has never before been able to hold these energies, the time has come where her blessings can graciously infuse our world. Of course it takes energy on our part to bring these new potent vibrations forward. This involves our awareness and asks that we engage in the words, practices and teachings to move with these frequencies.

As a gift to you, so you may experience these enlightened, joyful and expansive energies, Alawashka and I share this new chant with you. These are words in Alawashka which reverberate with sacred energy and help you manifest, create and bring forward special frequencies necessary for this transition. Words in Alawashka are vibrational patterns that create. The words in this chant, create and manifest the energies, attunements and profound understanding and realignment – also known as healing or transformation.


(wahl wah’-koo see’-mah rah-nah’-tah)

Within this wonder spirit love brings joyful light into my sweet soul.

(mee’-stah mah-yah mah-lee’-kah)

I am continually born in a breath of miracles.

Time: 10 minutes. 25 minutes (if you want to sit and meditate with these wonderful energies)

Center yourself and close your eyes.

Take a slow deep breath and center yourself. Move into a deep space of clarity and relaxation.

Hold a gentle focus on these words and this chant. Allow the energy and words to gentle fill you and carry you energetically.

Chant this Alawashka Sacred Chant 13 times in a row. Then, sit quietly for a few minutes and let the energies flow.
Engage in these chants:

1. When you awake in the morning and before sleep at night to attune yourself to increasingly high spiritual levels. This process will help align your personal energy to become more fluid in your own purpose and perceptions. Divine gifts are noticed within one’s being before they are experienced in the world.

2. When you feel a limitation in your personal flow or perceptions.This use of the chant will expand your energy to help you gain more freedom and more room for your true energies to flow. As the frequencies of Alawashka move in Divine relatedness to your own purpose of being, you will experience more grace, ease and blessings.

3. To all newly born babies and young children to celebrate their arrival and open new energies to their personal joy and embrace. Blessed children are always born to experience joy and the fulfillment of their own sacred path. Yet, often, no matter how much love is showered upon them, they can still perceive the density of the world into which they are born. With this chant, the space of this world is gently opened to them, and while the density is not eliminated, each child can feel their own place within it, which avails them of their beauty and wisdom in a palpable, loving way.

4. For general healing energies in all manners and forms.While some may feel that it is simply our personal beliefs and limitations that cause our illness, pain and suffering, those ailments do not generally originate from our own spirit. They come from the world, from people, beings and experiences that create density, damage and pain. This chant will give you the space to loosen the holds of the density and grant yourself the freedom to gain relief, access greater clarity, and if it is your choice, access healing and renewal.

As you chant and meditate with these words, notice what transpires in the moment, in the day, with the people you encounter and in your life! Be open to new perceptions, connects and opportunities. Simply be open to receive blessing and joy from this Alawashka chant, and you will.

Please enjoy this chant.

May your life be filled with blessings.
© 1997 -2009 Lumari. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit